Override damage base on bone hit?

Hi is there a way to override damage based on the bone player/ped was hit at, for example If i was hit in the foot I take 0 damage and if hit in the head I die on spot, or if hit in the middle chest i also die on spot. There is a CEventNetworkEntityDamage event, which can tell me what bone was hit by what weapon but there is no way to override or get the damage done. On the server side there is weaponDamageEvent or something like that , which tells me the damage the weapon but no the bone hit. And I think getting the bone hit from client on every weaponDamageEvent is just going to ruin gameplay and cause lags because imagine every time you get hit the server triggers a callback to get the bone hit, and if the player has a higher ping it will just have a huge delay. So is there a way to override this on the client?