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OLRP- Outlaw Roleplay

About Us:
Outlaw Roleplay Is A serious Roleplay Server That Has just Been Released Out To Public. We Are Looking For A Paid Developer And A Website To Be Done. We Are Looking For Dedicated Staff And Members And We Will Be Going Whitelisted When We Get 150 Members But Will Still Have A Public Server Open. We Are Wanting Some Youtubers And Streams To Come On And Promote Our Community And Help Us Grow. We Appreciate Everyone That Joins:grinning:

OLRP Community Requirements:
You must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
Must be able to speak English
Must act mature at all times
Must sign up for our CAD when joining our community.
Must have a Discord account and join the discord server

Our Departments:
Los Santos Police Departent
Blaine county Sheriffs Office
california Highway Patrol
Los Santos Medical Services
Los Santos Fire Department
County medical Services
County fire Department

What we have to offer you on our server:
-Active Members
-Custom Scripts
-Custom LEO Vehicles
-Custom LEO Peds
-Custom Fire/EMS Vehicles
-Custom CAD/MDT
-Friendly Staff
-Active Admins & Moderators
-Many Departments To Choose From

Sub divisions:
Air 1
Gang Unit
Tactical Robbery Unit
Narcotics Unit
Bike Patrol
And More Coming

Make Sure To, Join Now!

Guys, Make Sure To Join Now As We Are Doing A 48 Hour RP Session Right Now

Moved to #server-development:server-bazaar.

i need a new invite

(20 CHARS)

I would like to remind you isaak, that it’s prohibited to pay someone for FiveM services as per the Terms of Service: https://fivem.net/terms

can you send me a new discord link? that one is expired for me and i wanna try out this server

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