Outlaw Roleplay Community

Okay, before I get into this, let me address our name, Our roleplay isn’t just about Outlaws, the name has to do with our story build up. Now onto the server information! :slight_smile:

Outlaw Roleplay is a real life based roleplay sim server, which has many many features you can enjoy, numerous jobs you can acquire and work at. We have many homes you can purchase, all current GTA Online cars, and plenty of custom ones. Police have custom uniforms, and multiple departments of the police, FBI, Los Santos PD, Los Santos County Sheriff, and the Blane County Sheriff. We also have numerous outlaw organizations such as, The Mafia, Outlaw Bikers, street racers, and street gangs, plus option to create your own outlaw organization. Below is a list of features in our fivem server, with more information on the server below that.

  • RL California based prices

  • lots of different jobs, all with different amounts of pay

  • Plenty of houses to buy

  • Opportunity to buy businesses (Coming soon)

  • Join any outlaw organization or create your own

  • Plenty of cars to buy, Vanilla and Custome ones.

  • Plenty of departments for Emergency services to join

  • A friendly helpful staff

  • custom clothing

  • suggestions/feedback welcome

  • mod/script suggestions welcomed

  • qbcore system

  • custom map markers

  • custom nightclubs

  • MLO’s for alot of interiors

  • Discord

  • Tattoos have been added

  • Custom jobs

  • Justice system

  • Plus many many more

The Server is in it’s beta stage, so come join us. This saturday (6/25/2021) from 10:00 am PST - 2:00 pm PST each person on the server can get a house, and a car for free, plus $500,000. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Join our discord to join Outlaw Roleplay!