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Welcome to OutbackLifeRP,

An all-new online gaming community which recently began its journey in March of 2019. Built on teamwork, dedication and casual professionalism of its highest nature to ensure that the positivity and productivity of the community are always at its absolute best. OutbackLifeRP is an Australian based community with guidance and help from individuals posted all over the globe who dedicate their time to ensure that the server is managed almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days every week. With a 24/7 run community this ensures that no matter the time zone, the server is always protected.

The idea for a community to be based in Australia that is passionate about enhancing the role-playing experience sprung to the attention of average Australian role-players who could not find any servers with a general culture of Australia such as; their colloquial language, lifestyle, unique police and civilian vehicles. We had a vision for this community and it mainly consisted of including staff that have a fair judgement towards anything they came across and really to have serious role play so overseas members can get a general understanding of Australia is like without the common misconceptions.


Our goals for this year ahead of us are;

  • to have a total of 100+ member by the end of boxing day; and

  • double our staff team; and

  • post one image a every day on our social media page @outbackliferp.

Our goals for the community are;

  • to proivide members of the FiveM roleplaying genre with a professional and fully Australian community that dedicates itself to the public through its incredible staff teams and co-operation.

To reach our goals we all must work hard towards them, so what motivates you?


  • Custom locations

  • Custom Australian MP ped uniforms and outfits (members can vote on what kind of clothing goes into the server)

  • Custom Australian Police, Fire, Paramedics and civilian vehicles

  • Aussie server map mods

  • Multiple characters

  • ESX/Money System

  • Custom Jobs and Organisations


I noticed you scrolled to the bottom of our form. I reckon you’re interested. Come over for a chat and visit our discord server. Click me to join the server.

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Bump, This server has unique Australian NSW police cars and features!

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Looking to lead a team? Interested in a staff position? Want to give your time to something possibly great? Well lucky you… You’ve just found OutbackLifeRP. OLRP is an Australian based roleplaying community dedicated to an immersive and positive roleplaying experience.

Come check us out through our discord server and view the list below for our staff teams lead by a Manager and Assistant Manager.

Staff Teams List:

Operations Team

Ensures the community is operating smoothly and professionally to the OLRP standards.

Operations Manager - Unavailable
Operations Assisstant Manager - Unavailable

Human Resource Team

Manages promotions, approves organisations, etc...

HR Manager - Unavailable
HR Assistant Manager - Unavailable
HR Staff - Open
HR Member - Open

Technical Team

Manages all technical aspects of the community. (eg; coding, problem-solving, tech support...)

Technical Manager - Open
Technical Assistant Manager - Open
Technical Staff - Open
Technical Member - Open

Social Networks Team

Manages community events and social media.

Social Networks Manager - Open
Social Networks Assistant Manager - Open
Social Networks Staff - Open
Social Networks Member - Open

  • All Teams
  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • Trial Moderator
  • More cool stuff!

Come check us out through our discord server

Want a badge and a gun? Well look no further. Our police applications have finally opened up!
Want to lead a team? Also look no further. Our police staff applications have finally opened up!
Join Us

Our website is online! Police applications are also posted and ready to be reviewed.
Visit us at www.outbackliferp.com.

See you soon.

OutbackLifeRP is in high search of some fresh faces!
If you have the understanding and experience of game developing we would love to hear from you.

What we need
We need dedicated and passionate individuals who love an immersive role play experience.

Who you will work with
You will be apart of our Technical Team who lead all of OutbackLifeRP’s technical operations.
Operations Include:

  1. Technical Support
  2. Server Maintenance & Development

Why you should join
We want you to call OutbackLifeRP your home for entertainment and a true Australian experience.

See you soon.

We are in search of possible candidates to lead our NSW Police Force and Victorian Police.

Your role
To manage training for officers, specialist roles, maintain and preserve high standards of an immersive Australian policing experience.

What we offer
You will receive an in-town bonus of $50,000 after your first month and support from our Technical Team regarding in-town vehicle fleets.

What we look for
We are looking for experienced individuals who have led such a role in the past as well as active people who have a high sense of community.

Visit us at www.outbackliferp.com or join our Discord server.

We will look forward to meeting you,
See you soon.

We have just uploaded our very first patrol now that we are whitelisted.
Applications are open now! Apply!

Click below

We will look forward to meeting you,
See you soon.

We have just uploaded our second patrol now that we are whitelisted.
Applications are open now! Apply!

Click below

We will look forward to meeting you,
See you soon.

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OutbackLifeRP is back in action and ready to re-develop!
The all new standard of Australian Role-play, already accepting applications and interviews, don’t miss out!

Interested? Visit our discord

See you all then!

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OutbackLifeRP is waiting to receive your application!
The all new standard of Australian Role-play, already accepting applications and interviews, don’t miss out!

Interested? Visit our discord or website

See you all soon!

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OutbacklifeRP needs more whitelisted members!

If you’ve been searching for a community that dedicates itself on immersive Australian roleplay then look no further because this is the place for you.

Visit our website for applications and more information about thew community.