Outaded version of windows

look i have windows 10

Is it the Creators Update?

same problem with this windows version and idk how i can solve it

Install the Creators Update.

how do u install the creators update

How do you download the creators update
when i look i up it gives me a price to download it

It’s free. Its just like any other update.

really i dont know how i can find this?

You can’t download the creators update until Microsoft lets you. They’re doing a phased roll out. It’s really bloody freakin stupid fivem is shoving the creators update down our throats like this. That’s a huge hell no for any software development to tell people using the latest version of the os that they have to update when they can’t. The bubble headed idiot who came up with this message needs to be driven from working on fivem, and from programming period, permanently.

actually, you can: How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update | Windows Experience Blog (option 2)

add this (DisableOSVersionCheck=1) to the bottom of your citizenFX.ini