Out Of House RP [UK] - New Server - British Experience - Looking for members - Need Gangs, Police, EMS, Mechanics

Out Of House RP [UK]

Out Of House RP is a new and upcoming British Conversion FiveM experience, which utilises the best resources to bring an enjoyable experience to all types of player groups. Whether that is holding up banks, controlling the drug market, arresting criminal scum or being a hobo. There are hundreds of activities that can be carried out in OOH, however for the sake of Roleplay and Character information it doesn’t seem practical to name them in an advert.

With regards to development and implementations, the team work tirelessly to deliver and continuously build upon the foundations we have created already based on community feedback and making enjoyable and engaging experiences for everyone involved.

We are currently in need of all types of players: Civilians, Gangs, Police, EMS and Mechanics

OOH Button British Conversion Mods (MLO's / Maps)
OOH Button Active staff and continuous development based on feedback
OOH Button Custom Police/EMS/Mechanic Areas, Clothing, Vehicles and MDT's
OOH Button Player Owned Businesses, Whitelisted Gangs, Multiple Civilian Jobs
OOH Button Active staff and continuous development based on feedback
OOH Button Tons of activities, which can be found via RP
OOH Button In-game Activities for Giveaways
OOH Button Hundreds of Custom Vehicles
OOH Button And so much more!

Come try us out, and see what you think!
Feedback appreciated

Fivem logo FiveM Server Direct Link: Out Of House RP / Cfx.re

Discord logo Discord Link: Out Of House RP

Camera In-game Screenshots: Discord

Current In-Game Events:

race logo Fastest Illegal Race Lap - World Record (Circuit - Twisted Hills) : Discord

welcoming to new people, very realistic traffic laws, there always updating and adding new things for a better experience, great selection of cars and jobs to keep you busy leagal or illegal, owners and admins are very sound lads easy to get along with would 10000% recommend


As the Co Owners of Out Of House RP we do our best do make every suggestion Happen from Scripts too Car or MLO we want too make the best RP Server out there or as close as possible come join in the city and meet the people we have OOH ON TOP

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