OurStory RP - Daily Updates Since 2018 - Highly Polished/Customised Code

EDIT - 18/2/2021: Major economy updates happened last week. Money is now much easier which allows for more RP, less grinding! We also have a major inventory and weight system update coming very soon!

EDIT: New trailer / in-game tutorial added: OurStory RP - Introduction Video - YouTube

We will be whitelisting again in the near future - now is a great time to jump in and see if you like the city!

Our community has been around for 2 years, we are formerly known as “Backstory RP”. We renamed our community for 2 reasons:

1. To encourage people who may have tried the server in the past to try the server again as there are massive updates almost every week.

2. To better represent what we stand for. We are trying to build not only a server, but a family. This is a team effort.

As the owner of the community, I’ve spent a literally unholy amount of time working on OurStory. Writing custom scripts, doing whitelist apps (formerly whitelisted), hosting community meetings, and honestly just having a great time RPing.

Are you a serious RPer who is looking for somewhere where the staff actually give a shit about your RP? Somewhere your feedback and time is actually appreciated? Then OurStory IS the server for you. Drop by our Discord and give us a chance.

Server IP:

Main Features

  • Mumble Voice Chat - No third party programs required. Use the in-game voice!
  • 64 slot server - In the past we used 32 slots, but we found that 64 is the sweet spot, both for RP and for server stability.
  • Hundreds of custom vehicles both luxury, regular and emergency
  • Every single script on the server has been heavily customised or straight up written from scratch! From our LSPD, Open World Hunting (Red Dead style!), Custom Drugs System, Chop Shop, LS Customs, vehicle handling, loading screen, fishing, mining, woodcutting, hell even our Heists have a unique system. EVERYTHING is custom!
  • Unique Drug Selling/Creation - Player drug dealers sell the best drugs to players around the city while normal drugs are still hidden around the world in sneaky locations - exploration is heavily rewarded - if you find a spot first, you can sell it for as much as you like!
  • Custom Clothes, some you can’t find anywhere but OurStory as they were made by our own Clothing Designer!
  • Custom Hairstyles for males and females
  • Active Police force and Hospital that are constantly hiring - our Police are specially trained not to powergame - a lot of servers are either “Police Win” or “Criminal Win” servers - we strive to keep it very balanced and our cops have been trained very specifically to allow for the best RP. You will never find our Police powergaming. Their goal is quality Roleplay. Win or lose, doesn’t matter.
  • Rare Purge events where all crime is legal - there are even special vehicles you can purchase just for Purge (weaponised vehicles)
  • Updated Phones - You can call, text and even send your current location to your friends!
  • Unique weapon system - basic guns can be purchased at the weapon stores around the city, including some low tier automatics, but most illegal guns can only be bought at the hidden Black Markets which are hidden around the map somewhere on the map. All GTA weapons are available to buy including bombs and snipers which can create very interesting Heists/Robberies!
  • Over 14 Customised and Unique Jobs!
  • Limited Edition cars that are only available for a few days, after that you can only buy them from other players!
  • Player to Player vehicle sales - you can’t sell your cars to the dealership, so choose carefully!
  • Realistic economy - everything is priced realistically however money is moderately easy to make which gives you time to focus on RP
  • Sims-like Housing System - buy a house, decorate it with hundreds of props then re-sell it. Once you own a house, nobody else can buy that house! You own the building and everything around it!
  • Whitelisted Illegal Factions with base hideouts, their own phone application, custom interior and so on
  • Server hosted movie nights - Want to watch a movie with some friends? We have 2 cinemas in-game and do weekly movie nights where everyone is invited to come take a load off.
  • Very active staff team who are kind and truly care about you and your RP

There are a lot of other features to the server but I’ve written enough already. Come drop by! OurStory is one of the kindest and welcoming communities out there!



I’ll check the server out man

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Not sure if I’m allowed to bump my own post, however I just completely rewrote it as it’s been 8ish months since I posted this.

Definitely an amazing server to play on i can not stop playing im addicted!

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Spent like 1000+ hours in this sever and community is awesome!

Appreciate the kind words guys.

We just did a major update for the server these past few weeks. Stable 64 slot OneSync, TokoVoip for amazing audio quality, and over 200 businesses added around the map so you have plenty to aim for.

Whitelist has been removed! If you ever wanted to test out Backstory, now you can do so without committing to our whitelist app!

Note: The app will be back at some point, but for now it is not required.

Really good server, the economy is really fine tuned.

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still checking the server out myself but the community is very welcoming so far!

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Discord link is dead

I’ve been on Backstory a couple months, it is the best rp server I have ever been on, the work 4th does for his community is amazing, its a great place to be and there is alot of fun o be had

i have just tried it and it links for me, please try again.

Have you to many discords?

No lag, nice staff, dedicated owner, always new stuff coming out, Balanced economy, loads of options to make money, responsive mechanics, hilarious police officers, dedicated ems… this server is everything that every other server lacks. You won’t be disapointed

Yeah this server is awesome. Always a staff on. New updates constantly and great economy. love it <3

I can’t recommend this server highly enough. Staff is responsive, constantly adding new things and making tweaks for a balanced and fair economy. Amazing RP. Active PD, EMS, and criminal factions. Come join us and get addicted!

Don’t forget about the businesses you can buy to gain passive income! There’s unique places to do heists, such as a custom car dealership! Great and unique gangs to be joined. You can request your own if you have enough members, giving you access to your own hideout where you can store items etc. Give this server a chance! It has greatly improved!

Completely re-wrote this post from scratch, we also have a new server name!


This server is awesome, great community, cannot get bored so many stuff to do.
But the best thing so far is the business system, you can have a business stock it up go on vacation for a month come back and find out you got money and you get even more if you are active

Been playing on fivem more than a year and I never found a better roleplay community anywhere else ( tried more than 30 servers before finding this one)

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