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Welcome to OLRP! We are a freshly wiped, brand new server that’s being played on by experienced roleplayers, and being created by the same.

Our Goal for OLRP is to create, and be a part of a community that’s warm, welcoming, and mature.

Our approach to professional and realistic role play is what makes our community unique. The founders of our great community are highly experienced roleplayers set out to further improve themselves and the community around them, making
this the best place to come for FiveM role-playing and gaming altogether.

Community Outlook -

In the OLRP Community, we strive for quality over quantity, we hold our community values over the ‘numbers’ as other community’s focus on. The OurLife Administration is constantly renewing their commitment to the community and their members alike. We are a group of players first. At OLRP, Roleplay is always our focus. It drives our decisions and our development, to build a better place for all of us to live out our fictional lives. We put the needs and requests of our members first, and we vow that we always will.

OLRP Features -

  • Server Uptime 24/7
  • Fully Custom Discord Server
  • Experienced Staff Members
  • Experienced Roleplayers
  • Heavily Experienced and Active Police
  • State Of The Art Law Enforcement officer Fleet

OLRP Departments-

  1. Hiring for LSPD
  2. Urgently Hiring for EMS
  3. Civilian Businesses Hiring
  4. Urgently Needed Crims/Civilians

:tshirt: Unleash Your Style with Custom Clothing: :tshirt:

Define your character’s persona with an extensive array of custom clothing options. Stay ahead of fashion trends or craft a unique look that sets you apart in the bustling streets of Los Santos.

:racing_car: Ride in Style with Custom Cars: :racing_car:

Command the streets with the most dazzling custom cars in the city. Whether you crave sleek sports cars or powerful muscle machines, we’ve got the wheels that’ll turn heads.

:man_police_officer: Choose Your Path: Uphold or Break the Law: :policewoman:

:man_construction_worker: Craft your destiny in Los Santos – be a law-abiding citizen with an honest job or a cunning criminal mastermind orchestrating daring heists. Your choices shape your story.:man_construction_worker:

:oncoming_police_car: Serve and Protect with the Police Department: :oncoming_police_car:

Enlist with the LSPD to bring justice to the city streets. Engage in thrilling pursuits, uphold the law, and be the guardian the city deserves.

:handshake: Join a Warm and Welcoming Community: :handshake:

At OurLifeRP, you’re not just a player – you’re part of a welcoming community of fellow role-players. Collaborate, form bonds, and create lasting memories as you explore the vibrant city of Los Santos together.

Discord Link : OurLifeRP

F8 Paste : connect OurLifeRP | Serious RP | Constant Development | Custom Cars | Mew / Cfx.re


Smaller community but growing slowly. Staff is on top of issues. Fair rules. All around a really solid city.

The people in the community are very sweet and nice. Also, the staff in the city are very helpful and are very welcoming.

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The city is coming along really nicely!! Crime is super profitable and there are several cops in the city in the evenings… The city could really use a daytime shift for the cops and crims.

Seriously like the best admins ever and the community is amazing! They were great and helped us customize our own MC Cutte and Logo!

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Simply a top tier non paid server, No expensive tebex store or pay-to-win type subscriptions, ACTUAL RP experiences instead of just being ran up on n robbed 24/7, lots to do for crims, cops and civs, fair and responsive staff just an all around W server.

This city has been one of the best, most welcoming ones I’ve had the opportunity to experience. Great community overall, people are nice, staff is incredibly helpful.

Bumping this because its a good server