Oscar-happy-hamper error

Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for my English and the disturbance that I’m causing you, we’re going crazy with a mistake that we can not understand what this error was due to, someone had it and managed to solve it? I thank you in advance, I attach the error:

[Window Title]
Error oscar-happy-hamper

[Main Instruction]

A oscar-happy-hamper caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers. If you require immediate support, please visit FiveM.net and mention the details below.

[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: fivem.exe+1251BA8
Report ID: si-a20991573d414eb6a11f09e10df7d69b

Please fill out the Technical Support template

it’s a server problem, not my client, it seems

Oscar-Happy-Hamper was found to be some sort of caching issue. We found it with a tire pack. You can find more here


Has anyone else encountered this with any of the cars or anything? Happens on my server too. I don’t have any wheel packs but I have quite a lot of addon cars. For a while hampers stopped but they seem to be making a comeback. All the cars are converted personally by myself and they have been tested and work. Any “red flags” I should look out for that could cause the hampers?

Read 2 posts above yours, your solution will be there.

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Did you read my post? No tire/wheel packs. I belive it is a caching issue too, cause it gets worse and worse every update I do to the server. How come the game doesn’t download new cache when changes are made. We got rid of the hampers when we changed ip for a while. Now we’ve had this ip for a while and hampers get worse and worse.

Yes it’s from (wheels) that are not cached properly. This can be because of 1 person, as with my server. Find this one person and have then delete their cache.

More than likely the resource was stopped and restarted and fucked up the cache.


The last thing you said does make a lot of sense. I do think we have restarted some resources in the middle of the game. I’d assume renaming those resources would force clients to download new cache and never use the old one thus fixing the cache issue?

Also, if it is cache error, isn’t cache downloaded/updated every time a player connects?

Not that I’m aware of. cache/priv/ can have corrupt files in there and unless you remove the corrupted files the error will still persist.

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Hey um, but did the actual wheelpack work without any problems? Except ofcourse causing oscars.
I got a server FULL of many diffrent things, but no wheelpacks and not a single wheel mod in general. With the recent fivem update, all the caches had to be redownloaded for everyone, and yet the error still happens. (now its not called oscar anymore, but leopard… ). Is it more likely a streamed resource or a script? We have tried spawning in all the cars while people stand around and noone crashed. No idea.

We had the similar problem - Essentially, we had a full server and selected a process of elimination by spawning in one vehicle at a time seeing if it would crash anyone etc. our issue wasn’t the wheel pack specifically it was one specific vehicle. Maybe try this then report back?

We have tried. Could you tell me which vehicle it was?

It was some raptor model. Not sure whether it’s going to be the same vehicle… it would be highly unlikely. But just go through; process of elimination.

Yes, can confirm. Raptor was indeed causing hampers for me. I spawned it in, went noclipping around the city and everyone hampered that i got near to. Then i looked at the car files to see why its like that, and its tuning parts are up to 8MB!!!. (your average tuning part does not exceed 500KB). I also found that the 2016 charger which has 4mb large bumper file caused a hamper as well.
So basically, to get rid of the hampers you either dont use cars that have large tuning parts or you just get rid of the parts and you’re golden :wink: Hopefully this helps anyone who was struggling with these “leopards” and “oscars”.

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