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Server Meeting tonight! Great time to join the community and learn what there’s to offer :wink:

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Big things coming in the near future for the communications department! What is a great time to become a member of the most elite department in the State of Oregon!

Apply Today:

All of our Wonderful Departments are open! Including Comms!

The elite department!

Comms is looking for members! Come check us out @ https://oregonstatecomms.com/apply/osc

Great Roleplay so far tonight!

RP was great tonight. 10/10 recommend

Great server. They have a good looking website too! http://oregonstate-roleplay.com

amazing rp 10/10 - Jordan M.

I love this server! I am apart of the dispatch team and play CIV and it is so much fun! everyone should play OSRP 100%!!

They are well organized and amazing community. The fire department is well trained with different medical ranks that you have to take a test for. The Law enforcement also go through a really informative training course. Come check them out.

Rp was great tonight boys!

This server is amazing and i happy to be a part of communications

This server is the Best, Because they have a the best Comms and LEO directors… Oh a don’t forget the FD HEAD Hunter the best FD chief I have met.

Great Roleplay Tonight Boys! :grinning:

Happy Thanksgiving from the OSRP Family to yours!

Great Roleplay tonight! Server box just got upgraded and we have plenty of amazing posiitons available for the takin!

It is quite the community, positions are still available for the taking :slight_smile:

Plenty of Awesome Positions Available!

Come on! What are waiting for, we know y’all want to join!