Optimism for the 54th mod?

So, I greatly admire the different multiplayer developers at this point - but in the face of Take2’s dickbaggery I feel I’ve got to ask: what happens when they come after this one? Are the devs anonymous? Do you have any contingencies planned for when (not “if”) it happens?

I can’t handle the disappointment of getting invested in another mod for it to be raped by lawyer scumbags 2 weeks in. Just can’t do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll be all right. If they take me down, development will be passed on to other capable people, and if they take the website down the mod will still work with direct connect or alternative serverlists. There are more than enough staff members to take over the mod if necessary.

as far as i can tell take 2 can NEVER take this down because its based in Russia and they don’t have INSANE copyright laws
so as far as Russia is concerned they are NOT breaking any laws

@davedumas0 No. And it’s not Russia.

oops my bad