[OPRP] New RP Server looking for Community & Staff!

Hey everyone, not gonna bore you with details like a lot of other threads. We’re a brand new RP server with a ton of custom features and unique aspects. Since we are a brand new city, building a community from the ground up will be a tough task. I’m recruiting people that are interested in joining the server long-term, and watch the community develop into something (hopefully) huge someday.

We are currently in an open beta, so if you’re interested in checking out the features we currently have, feel free to join. We also update the server DAILY, and have larger weekly patches every week to keep the server fresh and balanced. We are also 100% community driven, meaning we take direct suggestions from the community for adding/updating features.

Discord: https://discord.gg/fKKGGn6Apv

If you are dedicated, active, and want to get involved in something real (not just a server that will die/fall apart in a month or two) then you’re exactly who I’m looking for. Hope to see a few of you there.

Weekly Patch (Beta v0.4) 06/04/21
Server will receive updates every week


  • Police Vehicle Overhaul (all cop cars replaces for custom variants)
  • Police Evidence System (collect bullet casings/blood & test @ PD)
  • New Hospital Interior
  • Hospital Clothing Shop
  • Added Instagram Discord Link
  • New Vehicles: Beamer
  • Added Custom Police Department
  • Added Casino Interior (Games coming soon)
  • Pet System
  • Union Depository Heist
  • Black Market
  • Robbable Store clerks @ all store locations
  • Jewelry Store Heist
  • Pawn Shops
  • Added Custom Benny’s
  • Added Burger Shot + Job
  • Added function to remain in passenger seat with no driver (do /drive to switch to driver’s seat)
  • Added Designer Bandanas (masks)
  • Added Rock, Paper, Scissors Minigame
  • Added Dice Minigame
  • New Vehicles: Ford Mustang Mach-E, Scion FR-S, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Ferrari 488 Pista, BMW X5M, Lamborghini Huracan STO, Aston Martin Valhalla, Nightshaded, Koenigsegg Gemera, Camaro SS, Velociraptor, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, Ford Mustang Cobra, Grotti Italigton, 442 Classic, Mercedes Ghost-Class, BMW 320i, Toyota MR2, Nissan 300ZX


  • Resolved Issue where all textures would bug out
  • Resolved (most) of the holes in the map (report any you find)
  • Updated Early Respawn Fee to $100k
  • Updated Server Core for more realistic vehicle handling/acceleration
  • Completed phone system, phones are now functional for calling & texting players, twitter, ordering vehicles, and more!
  • Overhauled Vehicle Repair system
  • Updated Inventory Key to TAB
  • Disabled Pistol Whipping
  • Updated Damage Values for all melee weapons
  • Updated Store Robbery Timer (was 90s, now 180s)

Please report any bugs found in this weeks patch in the Discord.

We are looking to fill our Police Chief & EMS Chief positions ASAP. We’d like to begin building the LEO scene first as they will be the backbone of the city.

If you have experience running a department (accepting/reviewing applications, hiring/firing/promoting people depending on performance, training, assigning members to positions, etc.) do not hesitate to contact me via discord to apply for one of these positions.

As a chief, if you have suggestions that you feel will improve the QOL of the departments or overall server, your suggestions will be taken on a much higher level than standard civilians. You will certainly be looked up to in the community so it is important to be professional and serious.

Here’s some images from around the city to get a feel for the design:

Plenty of Activities around the city

Footlocker & Nike Popups throughout entire map

Robbable shopkeepers at every store/restaurant/gas station

These are just the basics, there is plenty more to see in the city.

We are still looking to fill all STAFF POSITIONS!
If you have staffing experience and want to join the team, join the linked discord and shoot me a message.

We are looking to build a great staff team that will be able to handle different aspects of the server, for example I’d like to have a dedicated staff manager that will help with incoming staff applications, interviews, etc.

I’d also like to have an advertising manager, who can reach out to influencers like streamers, tiktokers, youtubers, etc. to create content on the server.

I am looking to fill these positions, as well as more. These positions may becoming paid later when the server becomes larger and begins to sustain itself, if any of this interests you please do not hesitate to contact me.

OPRP Beta v0.4 Patch
Server will receive updates every week.


  • Casino Robberies
  • Casino Store & Clothing Shop
  • Casino Chip Vendor
  • North End Airport
  • Flight System (catch flights to/from various airports around the city)
  • Garages @ North End Airport, Port, Great Ocean HWY, & Downtown
  • Repair Shops @ Great Ocean HWY
  • Tattoo Parlors
  • New Vehicles: Camaro, Camaro-SS
  • Police Locker Room Presets
  • Adam’s Apple Blvd Impound & Garage
  • Power Street Benny’s Shop
  • Skate Shop
  • Rockford Hills Dealership


  • Reworked Minimap (will zoom in/out accordingly depending on scenario)
  • Updated Car Dealership
  • Updated KFC

Please report any bugs found in this weeks patch in the Discord.


:star2: Feature: Vehicle Autopilot
Tired of driving to all your destinations? Need to get to Coke Processing, but really gotta take a piss? Autopilot is here to help! Simply activate Autopilot in any one of the amazing vehicles in the city and it will automatically take you to your marked destination!

Autopilot will not only work with Teslas, but any vehicle in the city. RC Cars, Helicopters, Boats, and even BMX Bikes are fully compatible with Autopilot! However, be careful if you have an upgraded vehicle, as Autopilot may not fully stop at all stop signs/red lights.
Showcase: https://youtu.be/_FqQFzN7VCY


:star2: Feature: Union Depository Heist
Tired of robbing McDonald’s and the Apple Store all day? Grab 3-5 of your closest criminals and rob the Government instead!
Use the Elevator to get from the garage level into the vault, or use a C4 to destroy the wall and make a rear surprise exit

Purchase the required items from the Black Market.
Showcase: https://youtu.be/dmfYPhQbK5I


:star2: Feature: Police Arrest + Evidence System
Police in the Overpowered City can arrest criminals, collect evidence of any gunshots/blood stains, and run the evidence at PD. Evidence can then be used to prosecute the criminal directly, or in court.

Gameplay filmed in-game, on the active server.
Showcase: https://youtu.be/YUVWmtRVjgA

OPRP Beta v0.5 Patch
Server will receive updates every week

  • OP Credits
  • Store System (purchase items with OP Credits using /store)
  • Crates System (open with OP Credits using /store)
  • Apple Store
  • Dealership Showroom Vehicles
  • Aircraft Dealership
  • Running, Driving & Flying Tasks (view/claim task rewards using /store)
  • Added hourly vehicle wipe
  • New Vehicles: Honda Civic, Honda Civic Type R, Jeep Demonhawk, Honda Odyssey, 4x4, Bently-SS (1 of 1), Monster Trucks (event vehicles, Charger Hellcat, Bagged Ford Ranger, Bagged GMC Denali, Bagged Dodge Ram, Lifted GMC Denali, Lifted Dodge Ram, Police Motobike, Police Motoped, Police Chevy Camaro ZL1
  • Sandy Shores Hospital
  • Sandy Shores McDonalds
  • Monsterjam Track


  • Updated Power St Benny’s
  • Adjusted hunger/thirst rates (you will now get hungry/thirsty slower)
  • Increased Bleedout time to 10 minutes
  • Updated PD Liveries (WIP)
  • Updated Load Screen to include Rules & Keybinds
  • Reduced Green Zone sizes

please report any bugs found in this week’s patch in the discord

OPRP Beta v0.6
Server will receive updates every week

  • Added Hotbar keybind (H)
  • Added Custom Keybind options for Inventory & Trunk
  • Added Slides
  • Added Cash to Inventory
  • Added IKEA
  • Added 400+ Purchasable Houses
  • Added Custom Interior System
  • Used Car Dealership
  • PD Personal Vehicle Garage
  • Radios (use channel 5-800)
  • Showcase Dealership Vehicles
  • Pet Food in Shops
  • ATM Robberies


  • Updated Inventory UI
  • Updated Trunk & Glovebox UI
  • Fixed issue with selling properties not going to cash
  • Updated Inventory Hotbar to save between relogs
  • Updated Shop & Restaurant Buy UI
  • Updated Cash to not be robbable

OPRP Beta v0.8
Server will receive updates every week

  • New Vehicles: Dog Truck, Honda Accord, Audi R8, Cybertruck, Jaguar-F-Pace, Bugatti La Voiture Voire
  • Bounties (Most Wanted board @ Spawn)
  • EV Section in Car Dealership
  • Five Guys location (Legion Square)
  • Advanced Anticheat


  • Combat Roll


  • Updated Death Messages
  • Made Tweaks to AutoPilot
  • Updated Battery usage rate on EVs
  • Updated Core Menus
  • Updated Firework Launcher price
  • Updated Scoreboard to hold 128+ players & Design
  • Updated Valet
  • Updated Evidence System (Criminals can now destroy evidence with a flashlight, rain now destroys evidence outside, cops can now use a blacklight to search vehicles for fingerprints)