[OpenSource][C#] FiveSPN-Weather - Open-Source Release [Updated 11/12/22 v3.0.2]

all players have this problem from the first version already I can’t think of anything right now what it could be I disable the script, everything is normal

Without the extra info requested there is no way that the source cause for your issue can be located.

If you haven’t already, it’s always recommended to update to the latest version.
On v3.0.2 use the command * /Weather DEBUG * to display debug info.

If all players on your server are having the same snow track issue, that would seem to be a third-party resource issue. This also seems to be the likely culprit as we have attempted to recreate the issue but were unable to do so and you are the only report of this issue so far.

I would recommend shutting all other resources off and seeing if you still have the issue. If you still have the issue, you’re welcome to create an issue on the GitHub repository with the following:

  1. Server build
  2. Number of users having issues. (+graphics settings/card for a few of them would help)
  3. A list of all resources running when you captured the below info (if any).
  4. A screen capture of the debug info when you have the snow tracks.
  5. A screen capture of your locations.json.

Direct support is generally not given as this is an open-source project, but issues will be processed as dev volunteer time permits.

do you use vMenu ?

Weather ist Default

that is your problem
weathersync from vMenu

The FiveSPN-Weather script does not have any effect on the time, can’t help ya there.

this is not working. no examples given

There are examples at the top of this thread and on the source GitHub for using a city id number and each of the other sources. The screenshot you provided is not correctly formatted and will not work. Please scroll up and review step three of the installation section for proper formatting.

Hey man, First … Thank you.
Is it possible to provide a kind of export for use in other scripts ?
some like exports[‘FiveSPN-Weather’]:setWeatherType(Type)

would be awesome

Hey I used your default locations but there is no snow at the top of the mountains? :smiley: and also I have rain in the city even though in pasadena the sun is shining :smiley: why is that so?