Hi guys,

I might be stupid, but i can’t get a modified RPF file working. It’s not a car, but a siren file.

  • Modded the RPF file and it’s in /mods/ folder in GTA root
  • ASIloader and OpenIV.ASI in FiveReborn /plugins/ folder
  • ASIloader and OPENIV.ASI in GTA Root folder

When i start FiveReborn the game crashes on load with “FiveReborn has stopped working”.

Moment i remove the asiloader from the plugins folder the game boots agan.

What am i doing wrong?

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I think it is not possible (yet)

Asiloader shouldn’t be needed. But do you use it together with streaming vehicles from server?

Yes. The vehicles are streamed from the server, but the sound file .AWC is modded in the client. I didn’t mod vehicles with OpenIV.

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@SirMark You can’t use streaming with OpenIV as far as I know. Try a vanilla server and see if it works properly then.

I figured. But i don’t stream OpenIV files, i stream cars and use openIV files clientside to mod the siren etc…, i don’t use car mods with OpenIV

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@SirMark That won’t work. You are trying to stream files - then OpenIV corrects it, then it’s retried. Try putting everything in OpenIV.

Audio wordt niet gestreamt.

@SirMark How did you do that ? Could you make a tutorial ? My game crashes when i try to get it to work with OpenIV.asi in my plugins folder.