Open servers for RedM?

Hopefully! Would love to be able to choose from more than one provider this time around…

Cheers on the release of RedM :cowboy_hat_face:

I don’t fully understand what you’re asking? You want multiple server hosting providers?

I think he means, limited to zap hosting for GSP’s.

People that are too lazy to even rent a $5 VPS to setup their server, therefore saving costs and getting way more control than a GSP, don’t deserve more options.

Don’t think there will be more GSP’s. As for hosting in general, you can host on literally any host that does not advertise FiveM/RedM (unless blocked for pasts violations).


We are hosting our own with our VPS that also runs FiveM and more games. It’s not hard.


how do we open servers for redm

Exact same as FiveM with minor tweaks for FXv2. Check the Discord channel #redm-hello

#zap sucks