[Open Recruitment No Application Or Interview Required] Oceanview Roleplay

:ocean: Oceanview RP: Unfold Stories Beyond the Horizon :ocean:

Dive into immersive roleplay on Oceanview, a vMenu-enabled FiveM server. Whether a seasoned player or a novice, embrace a realistic and captivating world.

:city_dusk: Key Features:

:sparkles: Property System: Exclusive ownership for a dynamic living experience.
:scales: Realistic Courts: Federal, district, municipal, and family courts for consequences.
:rotating_light: Accountable Law: High-standard law enforcement for a professional experience.
:fire_engine: Training Programs: Academy shapes members into skilled professionals.
:tools: Active Dev Team: Evolving with 16+ unique scripts/systems, responsive to feedback.
:office: Easy Business Setup: Hassle-free entrepreneurial journey with state conquest.
:ballot_box: Political Influence: Run for political offices, shaping municipal and state codes.
:handshake: Minimal Staff Interference: Trust foundation; interfere only when necessary.
:earth_africa: Realistic Life RP: vMenu server focusing on character and storyline, no restrictions.
:scroll: Minimal RP Rules: Freedom with only restrictions on FRP, metagaming, and unrealistic actions.
:closed_lock_with_key: Whitelisted and VMenu-Enabled: Quality over quantity, ensuring a mature player base.

:busts_in_silhouette: Agencies:

LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
LSCSO - Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
SAFR - San Andreas Fire Rescue

:office: Government Jobs:

  • San Andreas Fire Marshals Office
  • San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles
  • San Andreas Department of Transportation
  • San Andreas Public Defenders Office
  • San Andreas Family Court
  • Federal Court District 9

:briefcase: How to Join:

  1. Initial Contact: Reach out for a personal interview.
  2. Introduction and Training: Overview of systems and rules.
  3. Community Acceptance: Impress during the interview, participate, and become a citizen.

:pencil: Apply Today and Craft Your Story at Oceanview RP! :ocean: [For the Month of June we’re having a open recruitment month no application or interview required Just join our server and hop in!]

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Hello there. How well established is the servers Fire dept.?

Here Is a little about me, what I’m looking for and what I can offer your server.

Thanks your interest but we’re a small community still trying to grow so are Fire department isn’t fully set up but almost there the chief has been slowly sitting up everything and just for your knowledge we are vmenu server but willing to take anybody that’s interested So if you’re still interested feel free to come to our discord server you can also ask more questions there and interact with our Members before applying.

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