OnyxRP | Whitelisted | High Quality Custom Scripts | Community Driven

OnyxRP is a semi-serious roleplaying server that has been in development for around 7/8 months so far. We have been developing on a custom framework and are happy to allow players to finally come on the server to play, test and break things to ensure a higher quality outcome for beta/launch.

What we are in need of:

  • Chief of EMS

What you can expect if you join OnyxRP:

  • High quality, custom content and scripts with priorities on performance, bug tested fully and ensured to be ready-to-use before it touches the live server
  • Consistent updates and content changes
  • New content is decided by the community and polled, you are in control of shaping the server.
  • Friendly and understanding staff team

A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
A working microphone
Join our Discord server (Whitelist checking)
Follow all rules and have respect for other players roleplay

Ready to Play?
Discord: https://discord.gg/xZG4YdU
Rules: https://onyxroleplay.com/index.php?threads/onyxrp-server-rules.4/#post-4
Whitelist Application: https://onyxroleplay.com/index.php?form/whitelist-application.1/select

Updated thread to serve as an advertisement for the upcoming release.

We have officially entered alpha testing, everyone is more than welcome to come and join to help improve the servers outcome.

Everyone who participates in alpha testing will be granted whitelist without application

We’re always looking to implement updates and content into the server that our community want. We got asked to make our inventory more fluid and easier to use so we got right on it

Alpha testing has been a great success so far, we have one more week of alpha testing before we that getting ready for beta & rp launch. Join us today! https://discord.gg/xZG4YdU

Beta begins very soon, following beta there will be no character wipes or resets. Our top priority in development is optimization. You can rest easy knowing that OnyxRP will not kill your frame rate.

We’ve been hard at work implementing new content to the server, getting ready for beta.

What we’ve added in recently
-Phone reworks and improvements
-Oxy runs which rewards the player with oxy and other items
-Truck robberies
-New police fleet and handling
-New features to the imports dealership (financing options, test driving and more)
-Major inventory improvements to make it feel butter smooth and more informative
-Performance improvements & bug fixing in current resources
-Robbing other players
-Group system to support player run businesses, gangs and more…

We are throwing out daily updates during testing, come help break the scripts!

Bank robberies have just been rewritten from the ground up!

We have now officially went into beta, everyone is welcome to join and play! Playing during beta will earn you whitelist without application

We just released a long awaited big HUD update, you can now customize your hud to your own preference.

Inventory reworks, ammo reworks we keep making everything more buttery smooth for the users! Automatic whitelisting is now over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t play!

We spent the last week writing a new MDT from the ground up, a major improvement from our previous system

With constant improvements being made, we’re perfecting this MDT system to best it can be