Only one single car after adding all add-on cars to one add-on

Today i made one add-on out of all my add-on cars.
vMenu shows me, that one car was found and can be spawned. All the other cars couldnt be found on the server.
The working car is not the first car in the “vehicles.meta” file.

Can you share the add-on folder so we can check where’s the problem?

Ps: Did you paste all the texture files of every car in the single add-on’s stream folder? Maybe you can spawn only one car (I call it car A) in the stream folder there are only A’s texture files in it.

There should be all textures.
Sorry for my late answer, we are currently changing server-location. So we have to take all the servers we host and website + ts3 to the new hoster.
How should i post the whole folder?

Free file hosting, upload it and give us the download link.

Ps: You can check my 8in1 pack, you can compare files and try to fix your resource:

I went through the vehicles.meta File and made it look like yours.
It still doesnt work.
Heres my file:

@BorgoMadonno i fixed it :slight_smile:

What did you do wrong?

@BorgoMadonno idk. This time i just used a tool to merge the files.

I believe he would have loved to know what tool you used to resolve the issue.