Only one file will download

When i download fivereborn it only downloads the citizen file and that’s it. Please help

Did you try redownloading it? Because it did that to me to and when I redownloaded it it gave me all the files. and the new update is . Is that the file?

Yes i’ve redownloaded it a couple of times now and that’s the file.

Ok do you get the file with the snail picture

Thats what im getting

-FiveM Application Date

and that is perfectly fine. what else are you expecting?

how would i install it like that, im use to it just putting all the files im just one folder

It’s already installed, though? Try running it.

Also, you can double click the ‘FiveM Application Data’ entry, note in the ‘Type’ column it says it’s a folder. :slight_smile:

So all the files are already there then if thats what only shows up?