OneSync Player Issues

Hello so, i have started OneSync on my server today. The issue I am having is very hard to explain, Basically when OneSync is active, People cant give items to nearby players through there f2 menu, they cant search nearby payers, they cant cuff restrain nearby players Or Fine nearby players. When people try any of these things it says that “There are no nearby players” When in fact there actually is. This is the only problem stopping me using Onsync on the server. This issue only happens when OneSync is active on the server if I start the server without Onesync this does not happen. Am running Linux on a dedi box, and its an ESX server.

This is not an issue, you just forgot to update your scripts…
Read the first thing [How-to] Adapt your script to OneSync and fix your issues

Or - update es_extended, since this has been fixed for quite a while.