[Onesync] OneSync advantages?

Hey guys,

what are the advantages for using OneSync on my FiveM Server? ^^

Greetings Nik

More slots. Without OneSync you are only able to have 32 slots. With OneSync it can be 64+.
You would also need a patreon subscription to use OneSync.

That ^
And most importantly all the new features/functions/events available server side thanks to Onesync.

Okey, but i guess since new updates onesync is free for all Servers now.

One Sync is free, but if you want +32 players you have to pay.

Just set onesync true in server.cfg

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Thanks Guys, is there any list of features or advantages of OneSync?

These are all the OneSync-Features.

Is therea list of the new features/functions/events available ?