OneSync EAP: Why did we not get contacted?

You don’t see any hates but I and many others have seen your hidden trash talking channels. I know how you think about esx. You know I can partially understand: I’m not saying it has the best source code at all, hell most of it should’ve been re written but it is open source and not a one man project.

EDIT: I don’t even need to say anything hell people pm me all the time with people trashing esx on the fivem discord, but hey I don’t really care about what people say

Uuuuh I’ve never attempted to claim ownership of the project. I’m the only current maintainer and the others have moved on with either life, or projects. One reason people left is accally this behaviour. Then if you didn’t know ESX isn’t a community it’s a RPG framework which you all hate. Facts.


See how I used the words “we” and not “I”. When the hell did I claim to own the project lol :eyeglasses:

We do not have any ‘hidden trash talking channels’. In addition, there is no official or unofficial stance on ESX whatsoever - except that a lot of users seem to report issues stemming from certain oversights/wrongful assumptions made in ESX code/official addons.

You’ve shown quite a hostile attitude when fielding pull requests from community members at times, and this doesn’t really breed confidence that a pull request will get accepted.

It’s been considered multiple times from our development staff to help us, you, and the community by setting up a ‘fix ESX’ campaign where we go down and audit a number of ‘official’ ESX resources and provide PRs for reported issues, however both lacking install documentation on the official addons (no clear list of dependencies, etc.) as well as the fact that it is unlikely that any large-scale changes will be accepted due to unclarity about the ESX project’s direction have made it so that we haven’t worked on this effort yet.

Community members do not represent the official stance of the FiveM project, its staff, or external contributors. We try our utmost to prevent any such ‘trash-talk’ from going out of hand - however, we try not to censor people’s independent opinions to non-person entities.

Very well, this might’ve been a misunderstanding - however by ‘only’ maintainer, does this also imply ‘lead’ maintainer and project gatekeeper? :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t seem very welcoming to community contributions, and since none of the other maintainers are around anymore, this makes things like the above fairly… complicated.

Huh? Nowhere did we imply it being a ‘community’, read ‘community-based project’ - as you say, ‘it is open source’, which would typically imply being a community-based project: open to community contributions.

Also - ‘hating RP’? I’m not sure where you’ve gotten your information. Are you confusing the stances of certain individual and unrelated community members with an official project stance?

By being the ‘only’ active maintainer left, this also implies you’re the lead maintainer. Nowhere did ‘you’ imply this, however it is fairly evident that all project direction at this point is led and controlled by you, and you are the sole gatekeeper to any contribution to the project.

And, again, nobody representing ESX has asked for EAP access in the months since this topic was posted - I find it hard to believe that none of your users have requested OneSync support for ESX at all, which would imply at least that you’d be reading up on how to fulfill this feature request. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please provide detailed error information in #general-discussion:1s-reports.


Cut the bullshit. I’ve seen screenshots of the ‘hate-plus’ channels where only a couple of people have access. Yea they snitched to me.

There is no channel named ‘hate-plus’ at all, nor has there been at any time in the past weeks. Discord doesn’t filter out the channel list server-sided, you can easily get the list of full channels and you’ll see no such channel exists at all.


past weeks… is this april jokes? what a fucking joke this conversation is useless go keep talk shit and keep lying

Not sure how this is in any way relevant to the topic.

We removed the ‘hate’ channels when reorganizing the guild a few weeks ago in order to remove potential negative connotations and the fact that this name caused people to ‘circlejerk’ invalid opinions. If your ‘snitches’ would actually relay all information, they should’ve told you that by now.

Anyway, how would you feel about something more on-topic, like the above:

… or any of the other things related to this stated here?

Can you provide some examples to this? You must mean either Blu or Syl and there’s a bit of history behind the two fools. What are they anways, let me guess, not a part of the inner circle? Since you said you all were not negative at all.

Again feel free to provide examples instead of talking empty, ‘at times’ take a look here.
do i need more links?

what exactly is your point here? you keep talking about community contribuations but yet we either see your firends showing up with attitude who can fuck off or we hear from other developers “yea i fixed x bug” but wont / never thinks about sharing the fix for the x bug. You don’t know what you’re talking about

one has to wonder how you could even have the moral to have such channels hosted. if you had the balls at least talk shit directly to the developers instead of talking behind closed doors where only a copule of people have access. Now you even admit to having extreme hate channels why did you previously lie?!

I have seen the way people get spoken to in PRs and in the past I have seen PRs get closed then that very same code has been implemented by someone else in the ESX “team”. This is the very reason why I refuse to contribute to something when the people trying to help are treated like that.

It might not be you directly doing it, but as a whole it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths.

Not sure - we’ve heard a few stories and most of the pull requests that were stated as such are nowhere to be found - author of PRs claims they were ‘deleted’.

‘Blu’ has been removed from the community for continued childish and immature behavior over a month ago, and I’ve no idea who ‘Syl’ is.

Always taking and never giving, you know, the ideal project maintainer would’ve written something like this:

Not sure how this is related to the quote above - as said above, this individual has been expelled from the FiveM community permanently due to behavior exactly like shown in that pull request.

Huh? Did you ignore all the sentences above about independent community members?

Also, any time we see someone mentioning ‘hi, I fixed this in ESX’, we do suggest to make a pull request, and oftentimes people show the same sentiment we just mentioned above. It’s not just us as project staff that has this particular sentiment.

We’re not enemies here, we’re trying to serve the same goal - hopefully: making people’s experience better, not worse.

Weird - any time people ‘talked shit’ (which you seem to have a remarkably low threshold for) on your community Discord guild people usually instantly got banned.

Also, what, ‘extreme hate channels’? Nowhere did we claim we never had any channels named ‘hate’, every sentence above disavowing their existence was in the present tense, which is correct: there are currently no ‘hate channels’. In addition, said naming was only started as a way to ‘curb’ and ‘isolate’ negative community behavior, and was immediately removed when this ended up in a breeding ground for negative opinions.

Again, as said above, we’re not enemies, or well, shouldn’t be. What’s happened between communities in the past is - and should be - in the past, and again: we have common goals, don’t we?

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of course you’ve seen people too. show some proof as i told that element, that behaviour you just described is disgusting and I would never do such thing on purpose. Yes we have had some prs where they aren’t perfect, simply we have standards for our PRs.

Syf syl synn*. dont make me pull up synss pr. ofc you removed that idiot… just recently. let me guess:
was there a purge?

you think im gonna hold professional behaviour to you who talk shit behind my back? how about no

they get banned instantly yes, you should try it out. we respect each other there and behave like accual people there compared to the fivem discord & here. that’s a dev discord if they want to talk trash they can go to fivem discord #ad

keep lying we all know you had hate channels specific to trash talking, why do you keep trying to cover it up. i mean who the hell has (had i guess :laughing:) 3+ channels for trash talking?!

no we are enimies and its best if it stays so. you have still not learned jack shit and you are lying for no reason and its starting to piss me off.

one last thing i have to say is that you’re keep mentioning that people dont submit PRs soley because you say we reject them and implement them ourselves to keep credit out and dissmiss people. Let me get you up to speed, as I said in the other post everyone who uses esx have modified it, improved it and made it much better, it’s existed for over 2 years but no one has ever been interested in helping out back the RPG framework that was the fonduation for economic servers. Look at the history of PRs there has never been any real PRs except minor stuff like fixing mistakes, typos etc.

The biggest contribuations are from people who used to give us hints of certain problems etc on either our discord or via PM (close friends or close friendly-communities), stop mentioning like I killed PRs because they were never a thing. I’ve also co-authored where applicable.

edit: My point was that there’s endless servers who still run esx in the fonduation but dont give 1 fuck to contribuate back. which is kinda sad

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Okay. If you say so. Best enemies forever? :heart_eyes:

I’d reply to the rest of your post, but the quoted portion seems to summarize your opinion pretty well, and nothing we say seems able to change your stance whatsoever.

Unless ESX appoints a new head maintainer who is not actively hostile towards the FiveM project, we will actively recommend against the ESX framework, and begin motions to phase out usage of the ESX framework across the FiveM systems, starting by not allowing the use of the ESX framework on server keys created after a certain date, followed by phasing out of ability to use it on a piecewise basis.

I’m not sure who the original founder of ESX is - @GiZz, perhaps? Would he be able to do anything about this scenario here? The above worst-case scenario would be bad for everyone. Don’t make it end up that way. Do what’s best for your project, for our project, and the collective community of FiveM users and server owners.


There was no denying that there was channels labeled hate however as stated they were renamed.

As a member of the community who utilizes the ESX framework, it saddens me to see the lack of professionalism on your end, as the self-titled maintainer. The Collective is being clear and concise with their responses in regards to your concerns however you appear to negate the fact that it’s even happening.

go ahead you never liked esx or rp ever anyways. let’s see how everyone moves to [removed advertisement and locked post] edit who do you think you’re threating. let’s see how far you dare to take this.


Incorrect, however you probably don’t want to admit the truth.

Why are you the head maintainer of a FiveM resource when you want people to move to a competing modification?

Yea im proud to be the last maintainer til the day fivem blacklists esx. Your true colors just got spilled.

Is this going to be a children’s playground where you took each others footballs and don’t want to give it back? Or is anything constructive going to come out of this conversation?

If it’s the former then I might as well close this.

Are you the project owner? If not, can you get us in touch with whomever is?

You and us both know that blacklisting isn’t the solution.

It seems ESX is licensed under the GPLv3, which allows anyone to fork the project. Anyone willing to stand up to make a (compatible) fork of ESX and improve it, for the good of everyone?

you shut up this time your friends already made a decision