OneSync disconnecting bug

Hello guys I have problem with onesync , I bought patreon yesterday I correctly setup it on server but I found big problem. When players move away 500m from other player they see his /me , /do ,Looc and vMenu says that he left the server same is saying es_admin2 and u cant see him in online players… Can you help me please ? (sorry for my english I am from slovakia) …when I turn off OneSync it work good.

This is not an onesync bug, you probably enabled infinity while your scripts are not compatible.

I have disabled Infinity and enabled and nothing change

That’s how infinity works. It puts player in their own sessions unless close to other players. If you don’t want that either disable infinity and leave it off or use one sync legacy

maybe try it man the star_me on forum it onesync inifinity compatible … i asume your using onesync infinity

Not a bug.