[Onesync] Crash with many players in scope


Using canary? no
Windows version: Not relevant
System specifications: Not relevant


Operating system: Windows
Artifact version: +2900 / +2600
IP address: extinction.gtaliferp.fr
Resources: ~20
System specifications: Not relevant


Players’ FiveM is hanging sometime and usually when a lot of players are in the area. Typically happens in the game “hub”. The game hangs and does not create any dump. I’ve no clue what causes it currently.

Dump from taskmgr: https://mega.nz/file/YxghXJgY#wzF4Xhpg9R5lunLfhVNvxn-HyZnYDQZE1eQwfedLeZY

To “reproduce” it just connect to extinction.gtaliferp.fr go to the main “safe-zone” and just wait.


Gott took some time to look at it here are his finds (not sure it is correct):

hanging often implies deadlocking and from looking over this one thing that stands out is adhesive is in sub_14065728C and _populationNetworkGameCheckArchetype with a bunch of gta-core-five threads within sub_14127A9F4 and sub_14127593C

We experience similar issues on our server and would be happy to provide any additional information or logs upon request.

game hang and no ‘crash’?
if so we should find what we’ve in common
and any clue when it started?

Equivalent to this repro, likely similar underlying cause (fwAnimDirector/crmtScheduler stuff):