[OneSync] Advanced Spectate V1.5.0

New Uodate V1.2.0 :

  • QBCore support added
    You can now configure it to use QBCore permission system

New Update V1.3.0 :

  • Now this script support Fivem Asset Manager system !

You can download it from your purchased assets tab @ https://keymaster.fivem.net/

For anybody that wondering about encryption :

NO, script is not encrypted , you can modify all of the client/server side scripts (even utilities)
but , there is some functions that are encrypted , just to make it a harder for leakers and these functions were not editable in first place anyway , so, your experience will not change at all !

Also , it have 0 performance hit

Even tho main files got some changes , you can still use previous version config files without any problem

New Update V1.4.0 :

  • Revert fivem asset store (for now)
  • Better optimization when menu is not open (from 0.03 to 0.01 ms)
  • Support Fivem register key mapping, now you can change keybind in game (in settings-keybind-fivem section)
    (make sure to update Config.keyToOpen inside config.lua file to new format)

New Update 1.5.0 :

  • New option : clear area , now you can remove vehicles||objects||NPCs near the player you are spectating
  • Added QBCore inventory check (same as ESX one)
  • QBCore Inventory UI support !
  • You will not get stucked if script get restarted mid spectating anymore
  • Removed unused / old codes
  • Fixed problem with openMenu export and while spectating keybind
  • This script now use Fivem Asset manager system, you can always download the latest version for your server from purchased assets (in keymaster website)
    Cfx.re server key management

Just for anyone that could be curious about Fivem Asset manager
Update , escrow system and if the script now is encrypted or not:

NO, Its not encrypted

ALL the main files are still completely available and you can modify them as you want ( both client and server side)

there are just 2 new files for client and server that are just to make sure script cant be leaked or resold and are connected to your account !

just wanted to clear it up !

Sorry about the mismatch version and wrong info on version checker
its been fixed now, v1.5.0 is the latest right now

(spoiler : Next update will be a very big update with some cool new features)