[OneSync] Advanced Spectate V1.5.0

Advanced Spectate System


The Spectate system you always wanted !

with full support of ONESYNC INFINITE AND Talking/Hearing players on spectate !


  • OneSync infinite Support !

  • Voice system support ! (tested with mumble-voip , pma-voice and ■■■■-voip)

  • Configurable Menu

  • Player in game info

  • Player vehicle info

  • Player session time (how many hours/minutes/seconds this player is connected to server)

  • Player Informations :

    • Player Name
    • Player Server ID
    • Player Client ID
    • Player Ped ID
    • Player Health
    • Player Armor
    • Player Rag doll
    • Player Godmod
    • Player Running state
    • Player Talking
    • Player Coordinate
    • Player Vehicle info (while in vehicle)
  • Clientside Weather / Time change ! (more information below)

  • Full Player List

  • Search Player by name

  • Support for ESX player inventory / money (optional)

  • Support for QBCore player inventory / money (optional)

  • Support For QBCore inventory UI

  • Easy Permission system (support ESX/QBCore group system as well)

  • Support both command and key bind to use spectate menu (and even no menu)

  • Custom Easy language configuration (multi language support)

  • In game settings for Spectator control (mouse movement / zoom)

  • Cross server compatibility for spectate settings (more information below)

  • Optimized script (more information below)

  • Automatic OneSync Detection (no need to configure anything, it will automatically switch between OneSync enabled, infinite and disabled !)

  • Automatic ESX Detection (no need to configure anything , ESX will be automatically enabled if your server is ESX)

  • Security (no backdoor for non-admin players to access or use any part of this script)

You can watch this video to see how this script work :

click here if video is not working

Dependencies :

  • NONE ! (Of course ESX gonna be one, if you WANT to use it, but it is optional)


Only OneSync infinite ? :

No, you can also use it for normal server with legacy OneSync, or even without OneSync at all !

Does voice works on spectate?

YES, It works on every available VOIP script currently available

What API does the menu use ?

It uses a Modified version of WarMenu by warxander

Clientside Weather / Time change , what that even mean ?

So, you are spectating somebody, and it is storming in the middle of the night, you cant even see anything !
but, now you can just change the Time and Weather , only for yourself !
Nobody else Weather/Time will change, and you can do whatever you want !
make sure to watch the video to undrestand how this works

Important note : if you are using any sync script that use loops to sync the weather/time (like vMenu) it could cause artifacts sometimes, but nothing will broke, only some artifacts…

What is cross server compatibility for settings ?

Every setting you change , will be saved on your PC , so you will have the same settings if you are (for ex. admin) on multiple servers, no need to change the settings every single time you load in new server

Can i open menu from other scripts ?

Yes, there is 2 exports already available to use :

  • exports.AdvancedSpectate:HavePermission() check for permission
  • exports.AdvancedSpectate:OpenMenu() open menu (only if player have permission)

Optimized ? show me the resmon !!

before you look at resmon, dont forget that the Menus (every menu, not only warmenu, warmenu is very optimized) will take more msec on CPU than no menu at all (duh)

here we go :

Idle Usage for admins : 0.02 ms
Idle Usage for normal clients : 0.00 ms (no performance hit at all)
Main Menu opened : 0.12 ms
Online Players Menu : 0.15 - 0.20 ms (could be up to 0.50ms on very high player servers)
Search Menu : on search input : 0.02ms , on Searched players menu : Same as online players menu
Spectating with menu closed : 0.07 ms
Spectating with menu opened : 0.20 ~ 0.50 ms

NOTE : Spectating players will have No performance hit on them

Is this obfuscated ? :

No, everything is available to edit

Buy This script from HERE : https://exacute.tebex.io/package/4594812 (10$ w/o TAX)

Installation Steps :
Installation is as simple as drag → drop in resources → add start AdvancedSpectate in your server cfg → Configure the config.lua file as you want → Done !

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you are not allowed to obfuscate any part of a script released on the forums.

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As i said, all files and important functions are completely free to edit as you wish
but, sadly because of leaks and people selling other people works, this is something i have to do… (happened to my Second Hand Vehicle, a lot…)
btw there is no IP lock

Script is no more Obfuscated

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Yea, but not allowed to obfuscate any part of it.

Yeah unfortunatley you cant obfuscate any of the code, and this will be taken down once a mod see this


lol, read the rules before posting :joy:

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Updated the download link to unobfuscated version
thank you for letting me know about that
my bad…

why the animation when go on spectating mode? takes too much time just to espectate soemone as for the rest good job.

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main reason for the animation is there is a lot of stuff that happening before starting spectate,
so it hide all of it and transition smoothly

Thanks for this release, i test it before your release, you’re god!

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Is there a way for just admins to use.?? Is there a way to configure that .? @ali_exacute


you can either configure it like this for normal identifier :

or if your server is ESX based :

(they also works together , but normal ID will override the ESX ranks)

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I tested it and it was very useful for me thank you, you are great

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this is very good script we all try to reach something like this
i buy it and try it’s working 100 %
awesome as usuall … keep it up


New Update V1.0.1 :

  • FIXED : Menu crashing when player identifiers are not loaded

New Update V1.1.0 :

  • Add : New transition type (fast)
    you can change transition type between default and fast in ingame menu!


Getting “Player is not valid, cant switch to player” everytime I spectate someone.

Onesync Infinity is on.

please contact me on DM or open new ticket