OneSync 64 Slots working on older artifact version of server but not the new one?

So we have been using a non onsync server since about 2 month, now we want to go back to OneSync using 64 slots but im getting the ‘‘No plyaers nearby’’ issue.
I check all of my loops and they are all 256, i tried using all of my scripts(Basicly used my ressource folder) in a old version of the server wich is about 2 month old and the onesync was working fine and everything is working fine wich means my scripts are all good.
Only thing i can think of is the artifact version and i am not aware that there is something new to do to make it work? Anyone can help me out ?

You shouldnt be using 256 loops please refer to the following link for the appropriate way of doing so:

Is it possible that my loops will work under an old artifact version but not the new one ?

Your loops should still work but they’re not as efficient.

Well thank you i’ll try to make them more efficient but first i want to make them work at all :stuck_out_tongue: