Who Are We? (OldSchool Roleplay – OS-RP)
Here at OS-RP, we believe we are one of the most realistic Roleplay groups out there. We are a newer community that is continuously improving. We are in the process of building an active and robust community with quality, realistic Roleplay with the addition of excellent and experienced people. We’re already off to a strong start, and many are rooting for us to succeed!

We are looking for new people to join us and help build our small but pragmatic Roleplay community. We have openings for many divisions, some of which include: “Police, BCSO, LSPD, SASP, Civilian/Criminal, Communications, and Fire/EMS. Etc.” – Keep in mind that we’re also on the hunt for good Staff members that can help us keep our players in control and help them if needed.

What Do We Have to Offer? (OldSchool Roleplay OS-RP)
While we may be a new community, we have plenty to offer, even if we are small and have only a few people on the server; we’re still a strong and supportive community, and we’re off to a great start! Also, we are hiring full-time members for the following departments:

  • BCSO.
  • LSPD.
  • SASP.
  • FIRE / EMS.

Features of OldSchool Roleplay (OS-RP) include but are not limited to:

  • 25+ Working Jobs Available for Civilians + More Coming Soon!
  • An extensive list of IRL Vehicles, With Garage Access.
  • Mature, Professional, and Active Staff.
  • Serious RP.
  • ESX- 100% Accurate & Working Economy.


  • You must be able to speak English fluently.
  • You must be willing to Roleplay.
  • You must be willing to undergo training if it is deemed necessary by a staff member.
  • You must have a microphone. (No Exceptions)

We Hope You Join Us Today!
We hope to see you join our community so that you can see what we stand for! You will also get to experience excellent Roleplay.

How To Join?
First and foremost, you will join our discord for an interview, which is a relatively efficient, standard, and quick process. Lastly, if you have been accepted, you will then go through the training process in case you are found not to possess the required skills for the department which you have applied for. Please @ me so i can try to get you a short interview done. Please be patient as myself and Sean work.

Join Our Discord Here OldSchool-ℛP

Server IP: currently whitelisted).

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Some Pictures of the updates we have been working on! We will get some pictures for you guys!


Had some great updates for our Auto callouts! We added a store robbery and a few traffic accidents for our guys and galls to respond to! We would love to have some new faces and Ideas!

Some more great updates as we move forward! Come give us a shot!

-Dodge Durango was added for the city and State
-Crownvic was added for City and State
-Tahoe was added for City and State
-Added the F450 Ambo for our medics to move people to the hospital.
-Re-edited the drug script to ensure police get notified on sales ect.
-Edited drug sales to require at least 1 OFFICER. WE may change this.
-Drug Prices were readjusted.
-Added Armored Truck Robbery ( please let me know if it works)