[Old] Scorpion Trainer

NOTE: This isn’t a full release and the trainer lacks many features currently, but it’s somewhat usable.

Scorpion Trainer is a WIP serversided trainer with the goal to have all necessary “trainer stuff” in it, along with being easily customizable.

If you know HTML at least a tiny bit, you can take a look at nui/trainer.html and easily edit stuff (like adding more skins or removing options). Also you can use nui/trainer.css to change the looks.

The trainer will receive updates very often, so I won’t provide a download, but the GitHub Repo instead. Click on Clone or Download -> Download ZIP to download the most recent release.

Also make sure to name the resource “trainer”.

And again, this isn’t a full release, but it’s for people who want a simple (somewhat) customizable trainer. Once this trainer has all the necessary features, I’ll make a full release.

For a updated menu, visit Universal Menu - A customizable modular uniform menu framework [v2.4.2]


This is great news, since Enhanced Reborn Trainer has been discontinued and there will be no server side version. A step in the right direction for sure!

Great Work, thanks for that

When doing roleplay with this script and spawning a police car they get despawned.

Remove the _SetEntityAsNoLongerNeeded(playerVeh) line in the vehicle.lua

Great job. Very easy to edit and make personal. Amazing job!!!

Thank you so much overall trainer is 10/10

Could you edit the trainer and add Michael as a character you can spawn as? since all trainers don’t work with Michael, this server sided one could?

Coolest release! Thank you again! Looking so much forward for the paging part :smiley:

Wery cool but… :slight_smile:.

Maybe i’m blind on both eye, but what about a little manual. The menu show up and I can ‘walk around’ with the cursors, back with the ‘Backspace’, but ‘Enter’ does nothing in ‘spawn cars and weather’. What I do wrong ?

I don’t think it’d make a difference, it’s the model’s fault. Also you can easily add it in yourself.

Did you name the resource trainer like said in the post?

Sorry… I have written ‘Trainer’ not ‘trainer’ :confounded:, it works now. Thanks :wink: and :relaxed:

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So, it’s impossible to get michael?

I’m sure it would be possible somehow, but it’s not really my priority to get the singleplayer models working.

Also, pushed new update! Added autopaging (when there are too many items on 1 page, the menu will get split into multiple pages) and some configuration in trainer.js.

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What is your priority?

probally updating the trainer to have all the features, on your micheal model part you have to add him as a addon.

How can i add Michael as an addon? he only has 2 files not 4 like most addon peds do… And he has a folder with all the YDDs, and the YTDs… Could you tell me how to stream him? i already know how to stream add-on peds but not main characters…

How do you decide who has access to this menu in your server though?

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