[OLD-OUTDATED][Release] Loadout System

Hmm, I don’t have that problem… I’ll have a look for you though :slight_smile:

Msg me privately :wink: so this doesn’t get too spammed with setting up EssentialMode - Although that setup seems fine, doesn’t look like there’s a problem there.

Did you import the .sql file in your database?

We’re trying to make the script more dynamic for easier customizing. Will upload soon!

Realy good job , work perfectly !

Many Thanks :+1:

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I’ve updated the script, as @Leah_UK said, to allow you to add custom loadouts.

Please see: [Release][ES] Loadouts (v2.2)


I’ve linked the download to this post :wink:

Work perfetly !


make everyone on erver change

Yea… The latest version should fix this:

I have essential mode working however when i type /cop and /rebel nothing happens, Happen to no what i could have done wrong?

Loudout added to resources and in autorestart

If you have the plugin set up correctly you should see something like the image below

It could be that you don’t have the correct permissions for the commands (they’re set in the “loadouts.lua” file).

To set your permission, run the command

setadmin <ID> <PERMISSION>

from your console. E.g. setadmin 1 10

I have level 4 permissions

OK, are you seeing the messages from my other post in the console?

Just to point out Cop is at permission 0 however even with level 4 it still does not do anything

Double checking console now

This is what i get

My bad sorry was calling loudout instead of loadout lol

From what I can see from that image, the scripts aren’t loading at all.

Please can you do the following:

  • Place the “loadout” folder into another folder (called whatever) in the resources folder.
    • e.g. resources/custom_scripts/loadout - Contains the .lua files
  • Create a new file called “__resource.lua” (without quotes) in the folder that has “loadout”
    • e.g. resources/custom_scripts/__resource.lua
  • Make sure the __resource.lua file contains the following:
server_scripts {
client_script 'loadout/client.lua'

That should work… Also, make sure the “custom_scripts” folder is under the “AutoStartResources” in the server config.

    -  custom_scripts

Edit: Ah, glad you fixed it :smiley:

Still didnt work trying the method above

Looks like the same errors i got last week preventing the resource from loading @Havoc.

@RIB, what does your loadout.lua file look like?