Ol West RP | Serious RP | Unique Features -> https://discord.gg/JtSTEhr

Howdy Pardners!

Let me introduce you to Ol West RP:

We are a new server - about 3 weeks old!

So now yer askin’ yerself - Why Ol’ West amongst all the others… Well…

We Offer:
-A competitive Landscape with unique, homegrown scripts and features.
-The backing of the 1500+ members of the Level X Community
-A competent and capable staff team
-A focus on Content Creators - we seek to empower great and TRUE roleplayers.

Nuff bout dat political talk, show me the MONEY!:

-Access to all clothing options for your characters.
-Comprehensive Emotes for Male AND Female
-Fully featured Police and Doctor jobs.
-Gang Creation: Create your gang in game (For a Price), set down your stash and wardrobe.
-Housing with Stashes and Clothing.
-Fully intergrated Crafting System, for everyone or job gated.
-Fully Integrated Auction House (Buy and Sell through a “MMORPG-like” with other players)
-A slew of legal jobs: (Fishing, Hunting, Farming, Planting, Lumberjack, Mining, Herb Gathering, Pig Farming, Construction Work, Fighting Ring, Bounty Hunting)
-Not so legal jobs: (Store Robberies, Bank Robberies, Graveyard Robbery, Horse Thief, Moonshine, Swamp Weed, Illegal Cigarettes)
-Housing with Stashes and Clothing.
-In game Pinboard (news board) to post advertisements etc (Sends to Discord Channel)
-Dueling (/duel another player in a standoff)
-Hunting Wagons, Coaches, Boats, and MORE MORE MORE!

Anyways spits, best be headin’ back to Valentine. Y’all take care ya hear me?
Hope ta see yous around.

(Make sure to REACT with the Ol West Emote to gain access to the proper channels.)
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nice post

Hey guys!

Our server has exploded in popularity!
But don’t just take my word for it - just hop on in!

It is not whitelisted, so come and have fun!