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Hello i have a little problem when i want Hire a employed

Do you know why?

Hi, I do not offer support on threads, please send me a private message.


  • The webhook.lua file has been renamed to sv_utils.lua and now lets you change the setVehicleOwned event;
  • 4 events have been added to cl_utils.lua:
    • onMenuOpen - allows you to execute code when the player opens the vehicle shop;
    • onMenuClose - allows you to execute code when the player leaves the vehicle shop;
    • onStartTestDrive - allows you to execute code when the player starts the test drive;
    • onFinishTestDrive - allows you to execute code when the player finishes the test drive.
  • You can now open the vehicle shop menu with the following event:
    • TriggerEvent(Config.EventPrefix..':open', type, id);
  • You can now open the owner/employee menu with the following event:
    • TriggerEvent(Config.EventPrefix..':openMenu', type, id);
  • You can now sell vehicles to the vehicle shops (Config.VehicleShopBuyVehicle) for a percentage of the vehicle’s min price (Config.VehicleSellPercentage);
  • A vehicle can only be sold on a vehicle shop if that vehicle shop sells the same vehicle (for example, you can’t sell a boat in a airplanes/helicopters shop).
  • okokBanking transactions support has been added (Config.EnableOkokBankingTransactions) when you:
    • Complete an order;
    • Buy/sell a vehicle.
  • Added Config.DevMode to allow you to restart the script without losing access to the owner/employees blip (IMPORTANT - only set this to true if you are configuring the script);
  • You can now change the tow trucks models (used for the missions/orders).


  • You can now edit the following ESX events on the config file:
  • onPlayerDeath - Config.onPlayerDeath;
  • playerLoaded - Config.playerLoaded;
  • getSharedObject - Config.getSharedObject.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the vehicle color bug (some people weren’t able to change the vehicle color after purchasing it) - if this happens to you, make sure to enable Config.UseColorID;
  • Fixed the min/max price bug on the vsadmin menu;
  • When you edited the vehicles information (on vsadmin) sometimes it would edit the wrong one;
  • The cancel button of the buy business menu wasn’t working properly;
  • When you edited a vehicle shop owner and left it blank, it would save a empty character on the database instead of a nil value;
  • You were able to buy vehicles even without enough money;
  • Fixed a bug on ESX 1.1 that weren’t allowing to hire employees.
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Great update!

One last thing, just want to make sure that the client event of purchasing/selling or testing a vehicle is not obfuscated. Only that we need to implement a client side export for giving and taking vehicle keys.

Look forward to hearing from you! :100:

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You can already give keys in the sv_utils.lua file.

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  • Fixed sometimes vehicles wouldn’t disappear after ending the test drive;
  • When selling a vehicle, the vehicle would not be added to the stock when the business didn’t have enough money;
  • setVehicleOwned event now passes the vehicle model (id) to be used in some garages;
  • Changed the categories id in the config file;
  • Added the giveKeys event for the test drive vehicle;
  • Added Config.TestDrivePlate in the config to change the vehicle plate in the test drive;
  • If a business is set hasOwner = false and is in the database it’ll now be automatically deleted on the resource start.
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Adding a currency config option should be a must. Kinda sick of having to re-correct it every time there is an update XD

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Beatifull brooo

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