🆗 okokCraftingV2 [QBCORE][ESX][PAID]

yeah you can make new benches, i have like 20 and they can all have unique items that they can craft

Black money/money support will be included in the next update (money in hand can already be used if it is an item).

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ok, please add it as fast as possible because I’m looking for a new crafting script right now, then I will definitely purchase yours.

Does it also work with ox_inventory?

Hi, it may need some modifications, just contact us after purchasing.

the menu doesnt open when i select the prompt

Hi, please contact me privately in order to get support.

hello mr OKOK .

1s i love this one like the rest off your work.

2th … do we have any premade crafting respices ? … i men there is no need for redoing em if you got alot off just rdy for copy past ind :wink: have a good day sir.

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Hi, no, that should be customized by you.

hello okok

some ox_inventory support update?

Hi, please contact us privately in order to get support.


  • The interface is now fully responsive;
  • Added job/gang support for blips (if you do not have the job needed you’ll not see the blip);
  • Added webhooks;
  • Added set xp and level commands for admins;
  • Added different XP/level for each crafting table (you can still use the same XP for all tables if you wish to);
  • Added locales;
  • Added possibility to craft one or more items at the same time (the maximum can be changed in the config file);
  • Added categories/tabs;
  • Added disassemble and craft with money;
  • Added a crafts list in the config, this avoids having to copy and paste the same crafting table multiple times;
  • You can cancel, claim or claim all items from the queue;
  • You can open the crafting tables via the following client event: TriggerEvent('okokCrafting:openWorkbench', id) (id = the id number of the workbench).
  • Fixed queue bugs and improved it, it now saves the queue in the database.

what parts of this script are accessible and what is encrypted?

Hi, lua code is encrypted.