🆗 okokBanking [QBCORE][ESX][PAID]

Hi, yes, css/js files.

I just did ctrl+F and replaced all… took about 3 minutes.

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Anyone think they could help? Its just stuck on this, I have imported everything from the read me file but it just does not seem to work

Hi, please contact me privately for support.

Hello, I have the problem that some players are stuck in the bank menu and can no longer press anything, not even “log out” in the bottom left… it only helps to restart the game.

Hi, please contact me privately for support.

Did someone done it on qtarget qb-target bt-target or any target with banking?

Yeah, it is possible to add target support, please contact me privately.

Is it possible to DISABLE the PIN Lock?
We like the script, but we searching for a script without PIN verification

best regards

Hi, yes, that can be disabled, just contact us after purchasing.

anyone help?

Hi, please contact us privately for support.

i have the same issue did you get a fix?

did you have any luck fixing the stuck bank script?

Hi, contact us in order to get support :slight_smile:

do we help you?

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awesome script I own it


hey, how do you add the ox target support?

okokloans would be lit

An idiot like me would really like the feature “Money as item” in this script, as a choice on config…