OKCRP | Looking for active members and possibly developer's / staff

:star2: Unlock the Gateway to Adventure with OKCRP! :star2:

:wave: Greetings Future Trailblazers! Ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in the heart of Oklahoma? Look no further – welcome to OKCRP, where your FiveM experience transforms into a thrilling adventure!

Embark on a Roleplay Odyssey:

  • :oncoming_police_car: Oklahoma Highway Patrol
  • :police_car: Oklahoma City Police Department
  • :man_police_officer: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department
  • :fire_engine: Oklahoma City Fire & Rescue
  • :ambulance: EMSA
  • :telephone_receiver: Dispatcher
  • :adult: *+ Many More Jobs & Activity’s! *

Why OKCRP? Here’s the Scoop: :globe_with_meridians: Immersive Oklahoma Atmosphere: Our server is proudly Oklahoma Based, featuring custom assets that breathe life into every street, building, and siren wail. Feel the pulse of the Sooner State in every roleplay scenario!

:briefcase: Realistic Economy for True Entrepreneurs: Dive into a world of financial opportunities with our realistic economy system. From running businesses to managing investments, OKCRP empowers you to make your mark on the economic landscape.

:rocket: Innovative Development: At OKCRP, we’re not just creating a community; we’re crafting an experience. Our dedicated developers are constantly pushing the boundaries to provide fresh and exciting content.

:tada: Dynamic Events & Storylines: Brace yourself for unexpected twists and turns! Our team is committed to delivering immersive events and storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Join the Pioneer Spirit:

  • :star2: For Staff and Developers: If you’re 16 and above, join us at the helm of creativity and innovation. Let’s shape the future of OKCRP together!

Patiently Building a Legacy:

  • :seedling: Growing Player Base: While we may be in the early stages, every member is a vital part of our community’s growth. Your presence contributes to the legacy we’re building.

:globe_with_meridians: Connect with us:

Ready for an epic adventure? Join OKCRP and become a legend in the vibrant landscapes of Oklahoma! :sunrise_over_mountains::moneybag::red_car:

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looking good!

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as always!

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Added New custom weapons!

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As of 01/20/2024 we now have over 270 Custom Cars to enhance your roleplay experience!



Best server around and amazing admins and mods very very friendly will help with anything

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great work

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We are still seeking active members and department heads!


Greetings @OKCRP

I have seen your post and i would like to extend my help to your server. I would rather like to provide more details in a 1-on-1 than put it on here. I am in an EEST time zone only due to being deployed to the Middle East and should be returning home soon. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you soon. Thank you for your time and patience.

GRB | thegundoc

We are currently seeking active leo / fire members!

  • Daily Patrols! Join us Today!

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We are currently seeking active leo / fire members!

  • Daily Patrols Starting Again! Join us Today!


We are preparing for a V2 Relaunch

  • We are currently seeking active leo / fire members
  • Daily Patrols! Join us Today!

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