Okaloosa Roleplay

Welcome to Okaloosa Roleplay!
⋨ Here at Okaloosa Roleplay we like to with hold the absolute best roleplay possible and generate the best roleplay possible for our members. We have a wide variety of departments and active department staff & server staff to moderate departments and within roleplay. We are a Florida based server which means we uphold all rules and regulations of the state of Florida. This consists of FDLE Standard Operating Procedures and many more. We also have a Federal part of our departments, below is a list of all the available departments to join. Please communicate with a head of the department you wish to join! We’re also looking for people to main civilian so that we can have plenty of RP’s!

⋨ Available Departments: ⋩

⋨ Florida Highway Patrol ⋩

⋨ Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office ⋩

⋨ Crestview Police Department ⋩

⋨ Okaloosa County Fire & Rescue ⋩

⋨ Federal Bureau of Investigation ⋩

⋨ United States Marshall Service ⋩

⋨ As stated before we uphold some of the highest standards and do not tolerate any type of Fail Roleplay. We are a Public server that will be whitelisting when we receive a growth in members. If you do decide to join I wish you all a great time in the server

Okaloosa Roleplay Ownership Team,

TikTok- https://www.tiktok.com/@okaloosacountyroleplay?_t=8kNCDVQLRgw&_r=1

Pictures- Oakloosa Roleplay Pictures - Album on Imgur

For any questions or concerns please speak with an Administrator, Moderator, or Ownership Team personnel!

We’re very happy to have each and every single one of you as a part of Okaloosa rp hope to see y’all there

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