Oil Reserves Generation & Extraction

Oil Reserves Generation & Oil Extraction System

Allow players to build Oil Prospectors and Extractors in order to get Oil from oil reserves that are automaticly generated with different Oil amounts around the map.

Minigame with performance based reward

Everything gets saved, OneSync Compatible, FULL STANDALONE (config for vorp included), built-in notifications, persistant objects and reserves after restarts, synced smoke, and much more…


About the Oil Reserves:

  • Automated generation of Oil reserves.

  • Reserves will not overlap each other.

  • Reserves are generated in areas that can be configured in squares.

  • The radious for the reserves can be changed.

  • Each one of areas have config parameter for the quality and the limit.

  • Quality increases the ammount of oil that will be generated.

  • Limit defines the ammount of reserves that can be generated on each area.

  • When they reach 0 another gets generated.

The Oil Prospector.

  • To find an Oil Reserve you must build an Oil Propector.

  • The prospector consists in two pieces, a Copper Pipe and a Wodden Tap.

  • The Copper Pipe is one time use only and it’s requiered to build the Prospector.

  • The Wodden Tap can be collected for multiple uses.

  • There are blacklisted areas by coordinates and temperture that’s impossible to build at.

  • When placing the prop you can easy ajdust it by previewing his final position and it’s rotaion.

  • There are 3 interaction available: prospect, upgrade or collect.

  • You can then Check for Oil and you will know if there’s oil.

  • You can collect the Propector and will get the Wooden Tap back.

  • You can upgrade to a full Oil Extractor.

The Oil Extractors.

  • To Build an Oil Extractor you must have build a nearby Oil Propector.

  • The Oil Extractor works on wood and water, configurable.

  • You have three available options, check quantity, extract and destroy.

  • You can only destroy the Extractor if there’s no Oil Reserve in that area.

  • You can check the ammount of extractions left.

  • You can extract oil using a minigame to control the Oil Extractor temperature.

  • The players must keep the temperature constanst in order to extract Oil from the Reserve.

  • While extracting a huge smoke will go on the sky and let people know your location.

  • If the players perform realy badly they won’t get anything and the oil will be wasted.

  • The performance of the player will get reflected on the reward.

  • The reward ammount is configurable.

  • The Oil Extractor can only be destroyed after beeing build.

  • You will be able to collect some raw items after destroying the extractor.

  • You can also recover the Wooden Tap that you had build previously.

  • There are blacklisted areas by coordinates and temperture that’s impossible to build at.


Smoke when using the extractor with cooldown

When a reserve gets empty another is generated

Animated tasks

Placeble objects can be previewed before being placed.

Preview Video:

Probably there’s some details I forgot to mention.

If you need help or have any recommendations please let me know :slight_smile:

Full support, updates and improvements to be expexted!


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| Code is accessible | Server side for compatibility and configuration file |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 1000 |
| Requirements | Standalone, no requirements |
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