Ohio State Highway Patrol Pack [NON ELS ]

Today I bring you my version of the OSHP. Enjoy.
The Tahoe’s are still left to do but ill update this post at a later time once complete.
Download -Complete Pack
credits.txt (4.8 KB)


say ohio highway patrol 5x its difficult lol


Simple yet nice pack, good bloody job :heart_eyes:

Thank you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Wooohooooo Finally a OSHP Pack that doesnt have to be ELS!!!

I could never really find a OSHP Pack, except for Walters ELS version. Which disappeared for some time then was rereleased. So i decided to attempt my own Non ELS version to share to members who have the desire for the OSHP appeal.

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Looks just like the OSHP Great job!!!

Thank you.

Have u added the tahoe that needs finishing?

not yet i will within a day or 2

If only you released this a year ago when I was making an ohio server lmao. Great work.

haha sorry about that
never to late though

Have the Tahoe’s been released yet?

They are almost complete. ive had a very busy work schedule since the summer time is our busiest time of the year.

may consider a retro pack down the road if anyone is interested

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Sounds good man, Just can’t wait for the Tahoe they all look great!

I was working on the black 96 Crown Vic they had once upon a time

96 Vic used the whelen Edge if im not mistaken and had the grey and yellow liveries at the time

it wasnt until 98-99 when they came about the white liveries and used the Federal Signal Vista correct me if im wrong