Offline LAN server not loading

Hi when I open CitizenMP.Server.exe while offline it just closes immediately. If I open it while online it works fine. I know it’s possible to play offline LAN because I’ve seen other threads about it but it definitely isn’t working on ad hoc wireless LAN or using Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter. It’s like it can’t find my IP address or something because if I LAN through the router it works. Obviously it can’t be a port issue because this is LAN. So anyone know why?

Just to clarify I know about the thing to get the client working. This is just about the server not working.

Same here.

you need to find your ip4 adres
and conect menuely serverlist is not gone fint you if your wane play it loacal.

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@Amber I know how to connect to a local server but how do you make a local server?

Seems to work if I use my router as a WLAN host but not if I use my PC or laptop as one. I’m stumped.

@62yg Why dont u run the run.bat? Is it not on windows? I have no problems running a server on windows.

@62yg tray or

@COndor I’ve tried running both run.bat and the exe even as administrator on multiple PCs and the window always just closes after it says “Creating initial server instance” no matter what. Unless I’m connected to the net. It’s like it only works if you’re connected to a WAN not a LAN?

@62yg Waoh u are right. I have never tried it on lan only. I get the same error as you. I guess that’s a requirement :(.

So what do we have to do for offline LAN? Is it possible if we emulate a WAN or something? I want to play on my laptop at college :frowning:

Works fine for me.
How to do intern pc only youtube

How to do internt Network youtube

Just connect to:

@Simple01 How would that help when there’s no server running?

I finally found a fix. I think the server flips out when it can’t find an IP for so I went to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and opened my hosts file with notepad (must be run as administrator mode!) and added this
under the other stuff:

Now the server loads perfectly! This should probably be stickied or something

Thanks for the replies

I was able to fix the issue by going into the “citmp-server.yml” file and editing “Announce: true” to be “Announce: false” That should fix the issue.

@Mr.Anonymous722 I had that as false all the time. Didn’t do anything for me

I cant thank you enough it work with np