Official LUA API Documentation?

Hi Guys,

I am currently porting my script from MTA to 5R and I was wondering if there is any official documentation of the LUA API.
The only thing I could find with Google and the forum search was this: FiveM scripting documentation

I would really like to have at least a list of available functions like “spawnPlayer”, “setPlayerTeam”… (I dont know if they even exist right now), because it is really hard to write more complex scripts without that.

If there is any sort of documentation already out there and im just too dumb to find it, please delete this post and give me the link :slight_smile:

For a list of natives.


Thank you very much! Although this should be enough for my project, I can imagine that some people (especially beginners) need a bigger Wiki with Docs. Is there anything planned?

It is indeed planned. We don’t have a time schedule just yet.

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