(Official Launch October 15th) Custom Storyline + RolePlay + Battlepass. CRIMS, FIB and Gang Life (PvPvE)(QBCORE)(1 MIL Start)

Welcome to Boxed Up! Roleplay! Public Launch on October 15th 2023
A Semi Serious Roleplay Server (One of the few Semi RP cities based on QB Core) that’s made for adults who just wanna chill grind and have a good non exhausting time with content worthy roleplay and insane PvE and PvP fights. In depth life cycle designed to keep solo players entertained and gang life competitive. Fast Pace economy with two custom Criminal and FIB battlepasses + Daily Tasks and PlayTime Shop where you earn currency for simply being in the server and are able to purchase high end vehicles with said currency.

There’s no actual LEO. FIB hires criminals to work for them in order to slow down other criminals. No inventory loss on hospital respawn. In depth crafting system that includes finale car crafting. A personal K9 unit awarded by FIB that works as an attack dog and a personal pet.
Aside from in depth storylines and insane amount of activities, the whole city itself is very interactable. You can search majority of containers you see like phonebooths and homeless tents, trash bags, boxes of many kinds etc.
Fully liquid inventory meaning everything you find has a price at pawn shop, giving you the option to clear out the whole inventory for money instead of throwing stuff away. However there is no inventory robbing. You can ask someone for 250K Max otherwise after a minute interaction both parties may kill each other. (POINTING A GUN IS INITIATION )
In game purchasable Player Owned Businesses and insane drug life!

**I am a Solo developer and a long time FiveM player with no abusive or jaded staff. I’ve seen my share of bs and wanted to make a really chill space for anyone who finds this interesting. If you like OG GTA and GTA RP this IMO is a well done concept to merge the two together.
Our Discord : Boxed Up! Roleplay
connect Boxed Up! Roleplay / Cfx.re (MAKE SURE TO JOIN DISCORD FIRST)