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So my question is do I have the same permission where I can do the same thing as you to charge people @Vespura? Also would that go the same way with me an merchandise to fund the 50 dollars a month for cost of a server? Or is it where you are only allowed to charge people and the rest of the community is not?

Of course you can, as long as i’ts done to cover your own costs. This is stated in the TOS that you can accept donations or anything like that, as long as it does not exceed the costs that you are trying to cover.

So if I post it here on FiveM release section. I would not get the post pulled down? Also if I post an advertisement on the server bizarre section to sell merch to cover the costs of the server I own. It would be allowed and the post would not be locked???

Define “it”. What exactly are you going to release?

No, that’s not allowed. Because that’s completely unrelated to what the server bazaar section is about. If you post a server advertisement, you can put a link to your site, discord and other links. But it should always be about promoting your server, not something else.