Off The Rip Roleplay | New Server | Open for testing! | Serious RP Server | Economy-Based | Whitelisted 18+ | Hiring EMS/PD | CASINO


OffTheRip Roleplay is now open for beta testing and we are accepting whitelisted apps!

(Must be 18+ or older)

OTRRP is a Serious RP server so yes it is whitelisted but all the applications as of now are free. Also, all whitelisted jobs are hiring as of right now.

OTRRP welcomes all citizens who are looking for an urban-based community and server to call home.

Our server is now in its beta stage and is ready to populate and begin testing. It is still and always getting improved with adding new things and keeping the sever interesting with a lot of things you can do.

Features Include:

  • Whitelisted Jobs such as (EMS, Police, Lawyer, Realtor, CarDealer, Headshop Employee, Mechanic, etc.,)

  • Police Training

  • Ability to own your own businesses

  • Gangs

  • Ability to become drug dealers.

  • Store/Bank Robberies

  • Many Custom Cars and rising

  • Custom Clothes

  • Ability to own your own house

  • Motels

  • Custom Car Fueling System

  • Ebay/Amazon type online selling system

  • House Robberies

  • And Much More!

If you are interested in joining our new server on the come up then hit up our discord below :point_down: and get all the info you will need.

Discord: OffTheRIPRP

We hope to see you after your flight!!

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OTRRP is now hiring for our EMS and police positions. All new police officers will have to travel to the base and complete a training course.

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Going on a mission just showing off a little piece of the cars you could have and a look at the car and regular hud. :smiling_imp:

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Some custom clothing for female and males. :smiling_imp:

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Which one you gonna cop? :eyes:

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We are starting our server population from scratch! :muscle:t5:

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New update: We have added the casino, so come into our city and get addicted to gambling lol. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Constant updates and development that you will always be notified about in our discord. Our administration is always on point!

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We are still looking for citizens to come in and join us. We are still hiring for EMS and PD as well as all other whitelisted jobs!

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This Server Lit ASF!!!

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:muscle:t5: :muscle:t5: :muscle:t5: :muscle:t5: :muscle:t5:

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Everyone needs to come and join in the discord and try the server out. I Don’t know any servers where the first 15 people to do the whitelist application get in free without pay. Also, if anyone thinks there should be some changes you could easily just let @AjTheIntrovert know what’s up. It would be very helpful if everyone who clicks on the discord link, come and join the server. You won’t regret it.

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Thanks for your input and i am glad that you enjoy the city :smiling_imp: and whitelists applications will be free from now on out not just the first 15 anymore!

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We will be showcasing cop/EMS cars soon! Click our discord link and come get one of these BMWs :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Our server is starting to grow. It’s all a process. Come join us to become a part of an amazing community. Whitelist application is free and the process is simple. You won’t have to wait long to get accepted.