O'Deas Pharmacy V2


:pill: O’Deas Pharmacy :pill:

Enhance your server with this new interior, located just by Vespucci Beach.

Let your players buy their medical supplies here, or allow them to manage it and become the next tycoon of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmacy has three rooms, Reception/Waiting/Shopping Area or Main Room, Locker Room, and Office.

The interior also features an entityset system, where you can choose whether you want the blinds open or closed.

You can make this place robbable, by enabling the safe in the office, or make it non-robbable, choosing the decorations instead.

Video Preview: Here

Price: 19.99 + VAT

Other Images

Versions: Both Subscription and Standalone Version are Available

Technical Details
  • The full interior weights only 20mb
  • Fully Custom-made Assets
  • Fully Custom-made Materials and Textures
  • Custom Exterior to fit perfectly the Sandy Shores Environment
  • Baked Shadow-Map/AO Map for the whole interior (R* Like)
  • Custom Timecycle
  • Door Tuning
  • Entity Sets
  • Entity Sets Names: wolvezx_blinds_open, wolvezx_blinds_close, wolvezx_no_robbery, wolvezx_robbery


Sandy Shores Hunting Store: Link to the Forum Post

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Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based Both
Requirements Latest FiveM Artifacts, 2944+ Version Build
Support Yes

does this conflict with any BINCO Clothing Stores MLOS near it

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Hey there, thank you for your amazing question, no it doesn’t conflict with any of the base gtav binco clothing store, thanks for asking, forgot to add it in the description of the map. :slight_smile:

such a clean map! great work!

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Thank you very much, appreciate the kind words :smiley:

:fire: :fire: :fire: GJ

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Thank you!

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