OCRP's LEO Vehicle Pack (with Templates)

Alright. Thanks for letting us know!

Super excited for this update @Thero. Loving the 2021 Tahoe and haven’t been able to find a good model for it.

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Right on. Yea we are just awaiting the new 2021 F-150 to go through testing and letting the OCRP community enjoy exclusivity for a bit and then we should be good to release the updated pack :slight_smile:


Any updates?

Sorry I’m newer to this side of things - So changing the textures AND the carcols colour will change them?

We had another update just launch on the server that includes a Chevy Caprice now. We will be updating this upload very soon with the new vehicles including the Caprice


how do i turn on the sirens

Any update on this, looking forward to getting my hands on these! :slight_smile:

Gotta ask the One and only Dammit Dave as he oversee’s the profile and has the file


@Thero for some reason the Blue on the siderunners don’t work on the PDCharger any reason on how to fix it.

Might be a sizing issue. Try moving forward a bit and they should come on

What do u mean by a sizing issue?

sizing issue with the model. Nothing you did but with the build

Seems like Dave might be a little busy these days so I might be releasing them under my name here shortly.

Hey guys! I need help. I have my police cars with extras. And when i crash into a wall or a car. They fall off the car. Is it possible to stop it? If yes how? Thank you

Your first pack was awesome, looking forward to replacing those with these… thanks for all the hard work!!!

Good pack but…If you’re making Vehicle Pack atleast make it correct. This is all over the place. The sirens models, lights, etc…