Oceanside Roleplay Community - Public vMenu server looking for LEOs, Supervisors, Command, Civilians & Staff

Welcome to the Oceanside Roleplay Community. Read more information below.

If you are looking to step up, feel free to join the server here. With the server growing, further aspects will be introduced to the server - as an example, the BCSO, SAFD, or the server becoming whitelisted when the server becomes big enough and people have experienced the server.

San Andreas State Police
We are seeking Troopers, department supervisors/command, subdivision supervisors/command and Police Academy instructors who are willing to step up to the state police, to protect and serve. Ranging from the Speed Enforcement Unit to the Criminal Investigations Unit, a wide variety of subdivisions are available to locate criminals using better resources and techniques across the state.
Speed Enforcement Unit

Special Weapons and Tactics

Criminal Investigations Unit

Street Intelligence Unit

Canine Division

Civilian Department
We are a public server, however a senior civilian department is available for the better of the great who play on Oceanside Roleplay. These civilians will offer roleplay situations, investigations, and priorities to the LEOs, but also provide quality roleplay to the other civilians and make it fun for everyone.

wheres the invire link

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do you guys have fire/ems or does it need to be set up

Fire/EMS will come further into our journey. Feel free to help with the civilian department as we will go from there with hiring Fire & EMS.

Do you have an LSPD that needs a Chief and Assistant Chief? We would be interested in applying. If not we can redo our docs and discord to fit SASP if you need a heads for that department.

How’s it going, we do not have an LSPD and likely won’t be inventing one. If you are looking to join the SASP and help out with command, I’d be able to arrange that as long as we speak and you seem experienced, etc. Feel free to join the server and we can speak from there.