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                              | Welcome to Ocean Drive 2.0 |

About us!
Ocean Drive was released 2020-06-21T23:00:00Z
Ocean Drive started on the ESX framework and after having a mass growth of player within the community, the development team migrated over to QBCore Framework and have added numerous of customs scripts and other assetts around the framework enhancing the server to make your roleplay the best experience you could ever imagine!

What do we offer?
• Active Players
• Active Developers
• Weekly Updates
• Custom Vehicles
• Custom Clothing
• Custom Interiors
• Custom Jobs

Why you should join us!
Ocean Drive provides the best Roleplay content, from all players!
The Developers are always active to ensure all scripts are optimized for your benefit!
We take suggestions seriously and listen to most of them as we feel the community’s opinion matters the most.

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