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FROM: Zephyr B. - Community Director
SUBJ: Ocean Bay Roleplay - Head of Department Recruitment Scheme
ATTN: FiveM Forum Members
EFFECTIVE: August 10, 2022

Dear FiveM Community.
This is a forum post for the new, upcoming whitelisted roleplay community Ocean Bay Roleplay.

Ocean Bay Roleplay is a whitelisted, private community indulging in super serious and realistic roleplay scenarios to an excellent and high standard.

As a result of starting a new community, recruitment is to become our first priority, as server development has continually progressed enough.

The requirements will be listed out below, in detail, however, if you do not feel as if you meet the requirements, feel free to still get in touch as you may be able to join the community as a member of a department.

The requirements for any Head of Department is as follows:

  • Must be satisfactory with Google Drive and Google Documents;
  • Must be willing to create SOPs, Training Guides, Rosters, Structures, etc. (Help can be provided);
  • Must already have a knowledge of the department you are attempting to run;
  • Must have an understanding of real life policies;
  • Must be able to undergo training with new individuals;
  • Must be able to commit time into the community;
  • Must be respectful and understanding of all individuals; and
  • Must not have a negative reputation within the FiveM community or forums.

The current departments without a Head of Department are as follows.
Please note that this may not be 100% accurate due to recruitment processes constantly changing.
A position will not be closed until a recruited individual has demonstrated their commitment. A position will, however, be soft locked if an individual is recruited but has not yet started work on documents, allowing for other individuals who provide better experience and/or commitment to still be able to demonstrate this to the community.

  • San Andreas Communications
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Civilian Operations

* To be Confirmed
^ Under Development


  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Based On: Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue^ - Based On: TBD
  • Ocean Bay Media Department


  • San Andreas Highway Patrol - Based On: CHP
  • Los Santos Police Department - Based On: LAPD (LS); Metro Bay (PB)*, Palm Desert (SS&GS)

As some individuals may not want to join a department without knowing about the server, this is what this section is for. Additionally, if you do not meet the requirements, or do not feel committed enough to dedicate yourself to this position, thjs information is always handy to have if you wish to join as a member.
This server is a Department of Justice Roleplay Style server using VMenu. We chose not to use a framework at this time. For our Radio, we use an in-game system - SCNP25 - which allows us customizability between departments and additional uses, such as GPS Tracking. We also use custom made scripts where we can. Additionally, we’ve added Realistic Handling and Realistic AI scripts to better improve driving within San Andreas.
Our server operates with vMenu, and we plan for it to be fully Application, Interview, Training based.
Additionally, we have, and are planning to add more, interiors around both LS, PB, GS and SS allowing for additional areas for roleplay and added realism.
We also have scripts for FAA allowing them to take flight in a number of ways, including a Localizer script and flight instruments.
We are always expanding our scripts and would love your help to do so.
Furthermore, our server is equipped with EUP, with some custom textures, however, as a lone developer, some of them are not great. Furthermore, Ocean Bay Roleplay is equipped with many MLOs (interiors) throughout the city, county and paleto, to allow for expansive in-depth roleplay even with a limited aop or players.

For those wishing to apply for the Head of Department role, please join the following discord:
From there, message the channel with a random message and someone will be in touch.

For those wishing to apply as a member, please join this Discord:
You will not need to do anything yet. Additionally, those who do not meet the requirements of a HoD position but still apply will be directed here.

For any additional questions, you can get in touch with me directly via Discord by adding: Zephyr B.#4988 or leaving a comment in this post.
Any frequently asked questions, or needed information, will be edited into this post.


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August 10, 2022

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Ocean Bay Media Department - Softlocked

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San Andreas Highway Patrol - Softlocked

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Los Santos Police Department - Softlocked

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Los Santos Police Department - Locked

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Inquired via Discord very interested.