ObliviationRP | UK Themed | Balanced Economy | WL MET Police/NHS/RAC | Public Server | Mumble VOIP | Custom Housing | Custom Jobs | Custom Scripts

Welcome To Obliviation Roleplay

OblivationRP Is Here To Give You a Great Community And As Not Much Of Toxicity. We Are A UK Based Server/Community That Wants To Grow With You And Your Future Of Being With Us.

We Are A Serious Roleplay Server Within The Five M Community If You Are Looking For A Chilled City With Nice Staff Members Who Can Have A Laugh Then This Might Be The City For You. However We Do Have Server Rules As With Most Cities.

Our City Is Public And Is For The Ages Of 16+ And Who Are Mature Enough To Roleplay Within Our City, There Is A Lot To Do Within Our City Ranging From Legal And illegal Activities, We Have Many Legal Jobs To Do For Those Who Want To Keep On The Straight And Narrow, However For Those Looking For A Bit More Variety In There Life We Have Drugs, Scraping And Alot More Stuff You Can Get Your Teeth Into

Server Discord : https://discord.gg/TMXtmSgtrC
Server IP :
Framework : ESX


Be careful joining this.

Seems very fishy.