NUI [Standalone] HUD Project!

Hey there so I was always wanting to make a clean standalone HUD UI for FiveM but I never really gotten round to doing it or starting the project!

So I made a mock-up on Photoshop of what I would of done and I’m here looking for some developers too come along and help with the project I would want it to be a free open source project on git hub so If you are interested then please reach out.

you will need to know the following languages:

  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • LUA

I hope people see the light in this Idea!

Regards - Zion

The photoshop example looks nice, and would like to see something like this.

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Indeed Hopefully I can make this happen!

Looks clean :smiley:
I would love to help, if you are willing to make it open to the main framworks aswell as standalone :smiley:

Feel free to DM me on Discord: Dugget#0873

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Yes sir I would be delighted to have it support all frameworks!

Wow, unfortunately I cannot help but this mockup looks great and if and when this releases I will be sure to check it out.